Question by cajun_bob99: Can you please recommend a great 15 to 21 days Yangtze River travel package that flies from Canada?

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Answer by IndySteve1563
You’re in for a treat should you go on a Yangtze River Cruise(I am Owner of a Travel Agency). Technically they call them “tours” but they’re enjoyable nonetheless. Lots to see, the culture is interesting, the food is very good; if you shop then you’ll be happy there.

Depending on your travel departure and return date and what your Travel budget will allow will dictate what Yangtze River travel packages are available to you. I know of several that I think you’d be happy with. If you could kindly either call, email me at:, or reach me through Yahoo Messenger with your proposed itinerary, we can search for the Yangtze River travel packages that are currently available that will satisfy your wants, needs, and are easy on the pocketbook.

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