Barkhor Street

by vikash on May 2, 2013

Barkhor is an ancient round street that surrounds the famous Jokhang temple, located in Lhasa city. Visiting Lhasa is not complete without a peek on Barkhor street.

The development of Barkhor street was actually the effect of the popularity of Jokhang Temple which was built by King Songtsen Gampo. Many Buddhist pilgrims who visited the temple unintentionally has created a path, known as Barkhor street. The path has then become busy and famous. Locals are proud of Barkhor street. The street leading to the holy Jokhang temple is now half a shopping complex. Many visitors walk down the Barkhor street for praying while the others are enjoying a beautiful place with beautiful selling items.

Barkhor Street Barkhor Street

At present, many visitors still keep praying by walking clockwise along the Barkhor street holding the prayer wheels from dawn to dark. Many others even walk from thousands miles away to express their purity for prayers.

The magical street, Barkhor is paved by hand polished stones. The path is relatively small. Even so, it accommodates more than a thousand tourists per day. Varied shops stand in both sides plus floating stands that are found in every corner make Barkhor more interesting. Mostly, the shops provide the prayer wheels, and Tibetan traditional clothes ‘chuba’. Other items like Tibetan knives, Tibetan accessories, and religious article are also offered. One unique commodity is Tibetan scroll painting known as Thangka. Even more, visitors can find some religious articles originated from Nepal and India as well.

Barkhor Street Barkhor Street

A visit to Barkhor street shall be an unforgettable moment. There are some handy tips to avoid hasty travel. Walking clockwise along the street is advised as the religious pilgrims do so. Many lanes can cause the visitors to lose their way, especially in the evening. It is better to leave early. To bargain is very much encouraged while shopping along the street, it is because the shops sell similar kinds for different price.


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