Travelling Shanghai Wuhan and Guangzhou By High-speed Train for 8 Days

by jessica on November 19, 2014

Huangpu River Huangpu River

As the high-speed trains and bullet trains become more and more commonly-seen in China, traveling also becomes more and more convenient and time-saving, especially for the foreign travelers, it also has been an money-saving way to travel around China. And if you are to have a travel in China, just experience the Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou By High-speed Train for 8 Days.

Yellow Crane Tower Yellow Crane Tower

For the beginning of your high-speed train in China, you will firstly arrive in Shanghai in your first day when you can wander around the Xintiandi at night or enjoy the show of Shanghai Acrobatics Show; then you will take a visit to the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Bund and Nanjing Road, Shanghai People’s Square at the second day and of course it will include the Huangpu River night cruise; for the itinerary of your third day, you are to Yuyuan Garden and Jade Buddha Temple; and you will take the high-speed train to Wuhan at day4 and just take a rest upon your arrival to Wuhan city at Meilian City Holiday Hotel; and your fifth day activities will include sightseeing the Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum,Xinhai Revolution Museum and Yangtze River Bridge; when it comes to the sixth day, you are to take the high-speed of 4 hour from Wuhan to Guangzhou to explore more culture and charm of Guangzhou city by taking a visit to Chen Clan Academy, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Yuexiu Park at day 7; and you are finally to take your departure from Guangzhou to your next stop to finish your high-speed in China.

Even though it is not the best time for you to take travel in China now, it still a good time as the weather in south of China is not cold now, and enjoyable at daytime. So just take your tour to have fun in China right now!

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