Tips for Your Shanghai Tour in China

by jessica on August 20, 2013

Da Zha Xie Da Zha Xie

If you want to have a tour to Shanghai, what do you need to take into consideration? Tour itinerary? Food there? Shopping there? Or attractions? In my opinion and experience, all of these should take into consideration if you want to have an enjoyable and wonderful tour there. Here, just follow me, as I am telling you how to plan your trip there and how to make your Shanghai tour perfect. Are you ready? Here we go!

Jade Buddha Temple Jade Buddha Temple

Firstly comes to the itinerary, of which you will arrive at Shanghai for your first day and get best rest before going to visit the attractions in detail in your next day; then you will meet the Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Jade Buddha Temple, and Children’s Palace in your second day in Shanghai; and for your third day you will continue your Shanghai tour with the sightseeing of Shanghai World Financial Center, Pujiang Cruise The Bund and Nanjing Road; the next day-that is the fourth day, you can take a visit to Zhujiajiao to enjoy the charming scenery of this ancient water town, and you can finish your Shanghai tour in your fifth day after you depart from Shanghai; or you can extend your tour there to Suzhou or Hangzhou for your beautiful scenery if you still want to enjoy more in China.

For the Shanghai food, just do not miss the Yummy local Snacks, Shanghai Fried Plain Bun, Da Zha Xie, Sour and Sweet Spare Ribs, Crispy chicken and Congshao crucian carp. And about the shopping in Shanghai, you can buy something special clothing, silk, Embroidery and Carpet, Jade and Ivory Carvings, Handicrafts and Collectibles if you are interested in them.

You will enjoy the Shanghai tour there as this metropolis is characterized by the beautiful scenery, nice kind people, and delicious food and so on.

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