Things to Do in Shanghai – Taking Train to Visit Suzhou and Hangzhou

by jessica on September 19, 2014

Shanghai being the biggest metropolis in China, and a modern city in the world, has attracted numerous visitors from home and abroad coming here for visit every day. For things to do in Shanghai, expect taking your visit to the Shanghai famous attractions, tasting the delicious food and snack, enjoying the Shanghai Kongfu Show, taking the cruise on the Huangpu River, and appreciating the fantastic charm on the oriental Pearl TV Tower shanghai etc, one more thing is to take the train the extend your Shanghai travel to explore the beauty of Suzhou by visiting the Master-of-Nets Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Lingering Garden, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Zhouzhuang Water Town, and of course the Hangzhou with its charm of West Lake, Peak Flown From Afar, Lingyin Temple, Ancient Village Wuzhen, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Xitang Water Town, Thousand Islets Lake.

Here are some tips on taking train from Shanghai to Suzhou or Hanghzou for your tour: there are so many choices for you to take the train including taking the T trains, K trains, Z trains, accommodation trains, G trains, C trains, D trains etc. of course, here I will highly recommend the G trains, C trains and D trains for you for the short time of about 0.5 hour to Suzhou and 80 minutes about to Hangzhou; and there are so many trains routs for you as followings: Shanghai to Suzhou: G7162, G7034, G7002, G104, G598, G7112, G7038, G108, G1232, G110 etc, D5466, D3006, D3010, D292, D5432, D3042, D3046 etc. Main trains from Shanghai to Hangzhou recommend to you are as follows: D5451, D3135, D5677, D3119, D3121, D381, D93, D91 etc, G7581, G7507, G7509, G7511, G7515 etc.

When you are to take the trains from Shanghai to Suzhou or Hanghzou, just make sure to buy your tickets in advance with your valid passports.

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