The Trugo Monastery

by vikash on May 2, 2013

Located on the bank of the Mapam Yumco Basin, the sacred lake, the Trugo monastery is very well preserved. Considering its history of over than 400 years, the monastery stands strong till present. In 1960, the magnificent Trugo monastery was demolished but then rebuilt in 1985. Originally, the first Trugo monastery was made by a bKa’r Gyud master as a shelter for pilgrims to rest. It is then developed into its size as today.

Well maintained, is one visible thing of the Trugo Monastery. The perfect location around the bank of the sacred lake makes it even more popular. Many religious pilgrims from all around the world visit the lake every year. They chant while walking around the lake. Some ‘extreme’ devotee even sells their belongings and property just to pay for the trip.

The Trugo Monastery The Trugo Monastery

Located around 1,400 km from the main Lhasa, the monastery can be reached by truck or off-road vehicle. The structure of the monastery may not be much unique. The architectural style is humble, white walls with black windows. Even so, being exist beside the blue lake has somehow made the monastery looks charming.

During June to August is the perfect time to visit the Trugo monastery because of the comfort weather. After August, the rainy season begins that often causes the road towards the monastery becomes sloppy and dangerous. In winter and spring, it is even more difficult to reach the monastery due to heavy snows all around the road.

The Trugo Monastery The Trugo Monastery

Due to its far location from Lhasa, visitors may need to prepare carefully for the trip. Food supplies are necessary to bring because there are no restaurants along the way from Lhasa until the monastery. Also, only one guest house is available near the lake. Limited accommodations may result in a room sharing with other visitors. No fishing is allowed in the lake, neither taking photos is permitted inside the monastery.

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