The Mural in Baisha Village

by jessica on June 2, 2013

The Mural in Baisha Village The Mural in Baisha Village

Located in 16 kilometers north of the Lijiang ancient town, Baishi village is an ancient and beautiful town, and also the original settlement of Naxi people in Lijiang dam, moreover, it is also the birthplace of Lijiang’s tusi of wood and the earliest Naxi political center.

The Mural in Baisha Village is a part of Lijiang world culture heritage, one of the forms of Lijiang Dongba culture and also an indispensable part in Lijiang tourism. Baisha Mural is in the Baisha ancient town, which is one part of Lijiang ancient town, with its north neighboring Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, south reaching Dragon Spring, west near the ZhiShan. It is famous attraction in Lijiang which worthy your visit during your Lijiang tour and will undoubtedly make you tour there unforgettable.

The Mural in Baisha Village The Mural in Baisha Village

The famous “Lijiang Mural” is the product of the naxi society big open to public in Ming dynasty; its draw was from Ming to Qing dynasty, which has been lasting for over 300 years. Later in the Ming dynasty and earlier in Qing Dynasty, it was the boom period of theLlijiang mural, and it has a history of more than five hundred years.

At that time, there are more than 10 sites and more than 200 manual works existing; now, the existing 55 murals are distributed around the ancient town in religious buildings such as Dabao Palace, haworthia limifolia, Dading cabinet and other four temples in the Shuhe including the Dajue Palace. Among which, the manual in the Dabao Palace in Baisha Village which is 5 kilometers north of the Dayan ancient town was released by the state for the fourth batch of national key cultural relics protection units in 1996. Baisha murals have deeply attracted a large number of tourists at home and abroad with its distinctive style of painting art and precious historical culture connotation.

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