The Mufu Wood Mansion

by jessica on June 2, 2013

The Mufu Wood Mansion The Mufu Wood Mansion

Located in the foot of the Lion Rock in Lijiang ancient town, the Mufu Wood Mansion is commonly known as the lijiang wood’s tusi judgment hall, it is “The grand view garden” of the Lijiang ancient town culture. Covering an area of 46 acres, with the central axis 369 meters long, the mansion is sitting in the west and facing the east, it is a magnificent architectural art of garden. The Mufu Wood Mansion nowadays we can see fully reflects the architectural style in central plains in Ming dynasty, while retaining the architecture style of central plains in tang and song dynasty, which featuring the primitive simplicity and straightforward lasting influence, the  layout of the ever-flowing living water. You can also see the traditional national characteristics of the Bai nationality and naxi nationality when traveling there.

The Mufu Wood Mansion The Mufu Wood Mansion

The Mufu Wood Mansion has showed the spirit of traditional culture of the Naxi nationality, and Han people, Naxi people and Bai people are of one heart and one mind during the process of its construction and give full play to their skills, it has dissolved in various local craft style of Naxi, Bai, and various places on the basis of remaining the building style in central plains in the Ming dynasty. At the same time, the Mufu Wood Mansion is also a famous garden which gathers the precious wood and ancient trees and exotic flowers and rare herbs of the ancient kingdom of the Naxi, it is somewhere between imperial garden and suzhou garden landscape, which integrate the elegant gas of the heaven and earth mountains and rivers together with the elegant richly of the Royal Palace to show the Naxi multicultural and open spirit.

It is said the if you haven’t been Mufu Wood Mansion, you have never been Lijiang ancient town. The magnificent building, the glorious palace, dedicated sculpture, exquisite constructional element makes it incomparable and worthy your visit.

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