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Q&A: I am going to new york for nine days. Does anyone have a good daily itinerary that I can follow?More is better?

Question by New Yorkie: I am going to new york for nine days. Does anyone have a good daily itinerary that I can follow?More is better?
I am going to new york for nine days. First time. I want to do as much as possible. I was wondering if anybody has a good daily itinerary that I could follow? I want to do things close together in one day and so forth. Some of the major things I want to hit are Ground Zero, China Town, Times Square, Broadway, Central Park and it’s museums, greenwich village, sighttseeing cruises, empire state building, wax museum, manhatten mall, museum of modern art, nbc studio tour, skyride, rockefeller center, statue of liberty and ellis island, century 21, frozzen hot chocolate at serendipity, brooklyn bridge, and any other ideas that you think would be awesome. I have Phantom of the opera tickets already and I have a new york pass. We are staying right in Times Square if that helps any, and I would prefer to take the subway or other cheap ways of travel.

Best answer:

Answer by mr danger
Just 3 things
If you can then change your hotel reservation from TS to the Upper West Side
Doing that will save you money and place you in a much better and non-touristy neighborhood
I mean you’re gonna be in town for 9 days you’ll feel better coming home to a neighborhood where real NY’ers actually live
NYC is a 24/7 city >use that to your advantage
Do the things that have got to be done before 5:00PM before 5:00PM
Go back to your hotel , take a nap for a couple of hours ,freshen up and then go out and play with the City at night
Lastly NYC is the greatest food city on the planet
On the things that NYers worship list Food is always on the top 3 .Take advantage of that by not using any chain restaurants x/c Dunkin Donuts and eating at local ethnic restaurants and getting authentic gourmet ethnic groceries at any one of the hundreds of such places scattered throughout the City and it’s boroughs.

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Senior class trip to New York City? ?

Question by eurofreak: Senior class trip to New York City? ?
Do you think this is worth 900 dollars?

April 22 – 26
Taking a Blue Grass Motor Coach
Breakfast at Mcdonalds 160 Broadway
Ferry to the Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island
Tour of American Museum of Natural History
Space Show in the Hayden Planetarium
Crown Plaza for two nights
Tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Broadway Show
Empire State Building
Double Decker Bus tour of Manhattan
China Town/Little Italy
Shopping on 5th Avennue
A Dj Dinner Cruise in Ny Harbor- Statue of Liberty at Night
Breakfast at Variety Cafe
Rockefeller Center

Also, any ideas for raising some of the money?

btw this is 900 dollars per person.

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Answer by JM
you’re getting a lot for the money! new york is an expensive town and you’ll be getting a lot of sight seeing. i would definitely go if you can.

do you have a birthday coming up you could ask for money or even for christmas. do some chores for parents or neighbors to help raise money.

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Places to visit in New York?

Question by Sarah.Boo: Places to visit in New York?
Here’s the scoop… I’ve been to New York once, and I’ve done it all. The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island Cruise, Macy’s, SoHo, China Town… etc.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any “un derground” type places.. so to speak.

Fun, interesting things, that not a lot of people know bout, yet they do.
Kind of like the designer lines in china town. ha.

any suggestions.
I’ve heard of a hot dog place where the front door is like a phone booth or something.. ne way.

suggestions please, anything.

and if possible location, too. :]
thank you thank you thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Catluver123
F.A.O Schwarz is always fun and NYC is lots of fun! u can also go to the rockerfeller center and go to the top and look up above the city( lots of fun!)

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