Question by outtoprvuras: We should Reactivate the USS Wisconsin and the USS Iowa?
Because of North Korea’s Nuclear Testing and south korea’s threat of seoul being taken over in over-night Liberation and not to mention 12000 artillery sites lined up along the DMZ of North Korea’s borders. Let alone china’s expansive way to manuver with thier force. The two Battleships must be reactivated and modernized once again. because if she were to be modernized, at this moment we have a 6.1in cannon that can fire 63 nautical miles, with 16in guns, imagine how far she could fire and deliver how much power per shell! And she is heavily armored and most definately take hits from cruise missles and such, in a Nuclear testing of the battleship, the USS Nevada survived Two Atomic bombs. and the cost of the USS Wisconsin and the USS Iowa is much much cheaper then with the Zumwalt class destroyers which are untested, not expected to be finished until 2018-2021 and even if the destroyers were made they lack armor and ammunition in comparison to a battleship(we already have museum ships)
Also a battleship has 1/6th the manpower to a Aircraft carrier
and a battleship costs less maintence than that compared to a aircraft carrier, and using only 1/8th the manpower she has that firepower comparable to two aircraft carriers.
and please Torpedos are eboming outdated, they are easily destracted by electronical devices that almost all navies use today, and seamines are becoming hard for submarines to travel since most countries plant them in thier bay at times of war. let alone you can drop seacharges from the battleship and sink a submarine right there lol, submarines are a load of bullshit and only can be used in Nuclear warfare, not sea to sea combat. let alone if you shot a Nuclear bomb you would have the worlds attention.
and yes the battleship if modernized would have the capability of taking a aircraft carrier at full force, to it’s death, hell our Stealth detection systems surpass our own Stealth units, so technically there is no stealth anymore. and back in the Korean War the Govorment asked for the battleship to be removed from the shores of korea before the Paris treaty talks, not the
And please do read the details before you speak, otherwise don’t speak at all.

And do remember were modernizing them, not using the 1940-1991 versions, because were talking about everything that a destroyer uses, a Aegis cruiser uses and beyond.
and please if your not doing any research on this topic and just saying this to get points, do some research then you can actually argue, not like a panzy, thank you.
And a battleship does not offer as much propaganda as a aircraft carrier would if it were to be sunk. and a battleship has survived atomic bombs and other missles, so to take it down could be harder than to take down a aicraft carrier but a aircraft carrier costs more people and more money to operate and more time to build but only to make a aircfield out at sea, not to bombard along the DMZ.
True the Navy does not own the USS Wisconsin, but niether does the museum, it is currently under congress’s authority and they said they will reactivate in a state of national security (such as a war with a large country such as iran or North Korea.)
And laser guided missles can easily be detected by our “anti missle defenses” so laser guided missles aren’t bad if your going to attack the ground, not a heavily armed and defended ship whose still able to launch a tomahawk missles at other small destroyers which have very thin armor.let alone use anti air systems to make airbombing the ship obsolete.
god how many people are retarded i’m talkign about modernizing it anyways, not putting it back out in the sea with it’s current status. besides if we were to be modernized it could shoot 50 miles farther than that of a new destroyer that we aren’t expecting to be done in about 2018-2021. and let alone a jet can only fly 200miles in total, and from a aircraft carrier planes are only allowed to fly out so far before they have to turn back for them to refuel anyways. and if the battlleship would be capable to fire 115 nautical mile range, 15 miles more than the jet’s range is aloowed to fly before refueling.
ok dumb people, smaller ships can be taken out by jets, a bigger ships can hold more, transport more ammunition, and at the same tiem do more than a aircraft carrier. problems on aircraft carriers are highly problematic, whereas a battleship only has a crew 1/6th the size of the aircraft carrier so less, things need to be done on there. and because a battleship can carry more firepower than more firepower than a aircraft carrier, a battleship can go to a major conflict without being escorted. a aircraft carrier is weak without escorts, the smaller ships are tags on the side to escort bigger less armed ships. though a battleship is so well armed it does’nt need a large number of weak assed boats to protect it.
and yes if the battleship were modernized it would meet everyone’s standards, so it’s probley not going to use steam turbines and the type of gunpowder it is currently using, and if were it to be modernized as well, the main guns will be renewed and tested and use safer and stronger ammunition than ever before.
and yes it is financially sound, we are making new destroyers, one of these destroyers cost 1.7billion dollars, and are still much weaker than the USS Wisconsin, hell at the standards the Zumwalt class destroyers are going to be in, the battleship from 1943 could kick it’s ass all the way up and down the seven sea’s. the Zumwalt class destroyer lacks to much armor compared to a battleship and lacks to little fire power to help support a NSFS role. and finding a NSFS support role for the marines is being a highly problemic situation on hand at this very moment because nothing can compare to the NSFS role as well as a battleship ever could, not even a aircraft carrier can’t do that as well.
and listen, i am talkiong about modernizinmg the battleship, not taking the 1991 version and putting it out on the field without having anykind of moderization, whoever would do that is a dumbass, let alone think that. and due to this moment nobody uses a battleship because most countries cannot afford it because they can’t support thier own people at the time.
and yes course the navy still owns the battleship, but congress will be the one to decide if it should go back into battle or not, and mostly congress is leaving that descision to the navy because congress already is worried about not having any NSFS role to help the marines at this point in time and the navy isn’t doing a whole lot to fill that large gap in.
it’s almost like they trying purpoely trying to screw over the marines or something.

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Answer by Scotty
Battleships are too expensive to operate in a manpower starved military. Close air support can achieve similar results at a lower manpower cost.

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