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What would you do if you were told you had inoperable brain cancer?

Question by Warren D: What would you do if you were told you had inoperable brain cancer?
Of course this question is inspired by the diagnosis for Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Since I am at an age where such a cancer would likely be a death sentence for me, this disease hits home.

I would get my affairs in order and then I would spend whatever time I have left writing everything I could think of–my memories, my cares, my concerns.

I would try to get closer to God. I would find the books I’ve always wanted to read and didn’t have time and read them. I would stay busy. I would try to do some traveling. I would like to see the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, and the Pyramids.

I would try to find everyone I loved so I could personally tell them I loved them. I would forgive all my enemies. I would try to get at least one flight on a supersonic airplane. I would take at least one cruise. I would try to find someone who would let me drive a train.

I would try to spend my last days as much like a little kid as possible.
I know I said what I’D do…

My question was, what would YOU do?

And the serious answers have been pretty good.
Wow, you guys have some great answers. I hope all of us live so long that they’ll say about us “He (she) lived a great and full life, and I’ll miss ’em until we meet again in heaven.” And, in the words of the great Irish toast, “May we be in heaven an hour before the devil knows we’ve died.”

Darn it, some of us SHOULD live forever. Too bad we can’t.

Best answer:

Answer by silver
I would do pretty much the same thing you would do!

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Q&A: Someone told me. Is this true?

Question by : Someone told me. Is this true?
the US and its allies(UK,Australia,S.Korea,Japan,Canada… and the others) got into a war with China and its Allies(Russia,North Korea, and Vietnam). Now in this their are know nuclear weapons, or WMDs. Russia would split into(a side with China and a side with NATO), The war would be in Asia and Europe, the war would be at a stalemate, and both sides would put up mass AA batteries, large minefields and Pill Boxes, Anti-tank systems that Trench warfare would return and mass slaughter would come back, tactics would be back to charges and being mowed down. The Trenches would be more dangerous with mass aircraft falling from the skies(both sides would stop using aircraft for a while). Morale and shell-shock would be high for both sides, with a never-ending war, fought in an unconventional way, with conventional weapons. Both sides only gaining a few yards after months of fighting. What do you think of this Scenario?


The US CIA and secret service subvert the economies of China and Russia with counterfeit money. Israel attacks the nuclear sites in Iran
without US permission to fly over Iraq instead they secretly get Saudi Arabia to allow them to fly over their space. Iran turns Hezbollah towards the Jewish homeland and they unleash a mass of rocket propelled bombs in a guerrilla fashion raking havoc all over proper Israel. Iran sends its air force to bomb Israel and is totally outclassed and none of its planes return. Israeli leaders threaten nuclear attack against any nation that sets foot on Israeli soil, sends missiles into Israel territory, or aids another nation that does so, including Russia and China, Israel loses a lot of planes, but gets a lot of bda and its all good the bunker busters are working. Iran begins to mass troops in Syria with the support of southern Iraq leader AL Sadr, Israel aware of the buildup prepares its nuclear neutron cruise missiles and scatters its nuclear bomber fleet, at this stage the US nuclear submarines on full alert with all assets focused on Iran and Russia. North Korean leader dies, son is ceremonially installed and immediately attacks south Korea. Unable to defend Seoul the western leaders agree that Pyongyang must be eliminated and the north Korean military led out into the open and destroyed also, all with nukes and so we begin, as
china views unwelcome a nuclear disaster and human refugee on its southern border a new capitalist united Korea is too much so china
nukes south Korea and Tokyo and threatens the Us to stay out of Asia permanently, forces surround Israel, and as they move in for the coup DE grace, Israel sends dozens of nuclear missiles out and Moscow is destroyed along with several large Russian cities and Iranian Syrian also completely wiped out, Us sends a shock wave over china that kills every living human and animal on the continent, weapons of mass destruction take on new meaning as Russia goes to retaliate all their missiles are electronically jammed and cant be used, Russian aircraft are being shot out of the sky but some get through and western cites are nuked including tel av iv London new york, and Us decides to eliminate Russia also with a weapon of mass destruction, its Armageddon. life as we know it is never the same again.

Best answer:

Answer by Blue Falcon
I cant believe you wasted that much time writing that.

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