Question by blehhh 😛: I’m looking for a book but I can’t remember the title of the book and the author.?
Like it says up there, I’m looking for a book. All I can remember is that its about this toy rabbit named Edward(?) and he’s made of china. One day he was on a cruise with his 12 year old owner and some boys threw him off the ship. His owner kept his gold watch, well at least I think it was a watch. He then ended up with a bunch of different people finding him and his was smashed at a diner in the end of the book. But he was fixed and his original owner found him.

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Answer by ám!é
OH MY GOSH. I REMEMBER THIS BOOK <3/ I loved it. Crap..what's it CALLED? Uh. OHHH! The Miraculous Journey Of Edwaard Tulane ! (: Hope this helps ?

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