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And your thoughts on ‘Excerpts From Poetry World, India’ morning ageless whatchamacallit?

Question by Elysbeth: And your thoughts on ‘Excerpts From Poetry World, India’ morning ageless whatchamacallit?
Who me? Grow old? Are you nuts?
Time touches us physically…not
our minds…who is afraid?…..from just me!!!!
From Hsu Chicheng, a contemporary poet from China:

“Is it time for you to get off work?
Yet you look back again and again.
What and whom are you reluctant to part with?
Look! The sun
Is coming with its strong rays
Like the surging waves
In Yangtze River…”
……………”The View in a Winter Morning”
“When spring comes and the chance appears,
I will turn into a butterfly, flying gracefully
Into a bright flower of poetry.”
…………………………”Turning Into a Butterfly”
“The poet seeks to live afresh…his poems
bespeak a return to youth and childhood:
…”We raise our heads and overlook,
expecting another world.
…We raise our heads and overlook,
expecting another spring.
So, now that winter is upon us,
do we treat it as winter?
Or the prelude to Spring?

Good Morning! Good Morning!
Ya’llses of Springtime!!!
Sir Richard….Yang Zongze is his translator…that’s where the confusion came in…of course! I could have put that fact in the beginning…but, have only had one cup of wake up!!!
Forget about those TDs…they’re stupid jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All of these excerpts were, in some form and fashion, about growing old….

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Answer by Sir Richard
I liked “Turning into a Butterfly” least, but I lapped the rest up gratefully thanks. He’s a very talented man, as is Yang Zongze who I think is Taiwanese, and responsible for these excellent and colloquial translations (if I’ve read the material in the attached link correctly). He’s good!

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thoughts on this rhyme:(some references to buddhism)?

Question by Mighty FOI: thoughts on this rhyme:(some references to buddhism)?
the fasicination of my lyrical representation eradicate the synagogue of satan/
which i plan to dismantle/
7 chakras connected with dan tien i channel/
envisioning the system harboring my wisdom, where i plan to kill the jugular vein with a bang/
Me versus you, good vs evil, the yin and the yang/
the professor eneritus of curriculm in the booth/
an enlightened teacher who shared his insights in order to help sentient beings end there suffering with the four noble truths/
in accordance with clairvoyance with the laws of karma/
by realizing the true nature of phenomena & thereby escaping the cycle involutionary rebirths called samsara/
3 jewels to take refuge: Buddha, Sangha, and the Dharma/
the evolution in the change of demographics/
beautiful music in the form of innate madness in time only worsens/
comprised approximately 3/4ths of water on the earth surface/
The Sun draws water up nto the Earth rotation in a fine mist increasing with different currents of the atmosphere until she becomes heavier than gravitation/
the lecture told in the Gobi desert told to an nation surrounded by the Yellow and the Yangtze River, the aid of Carbon-14 detection and dating and radiation, carpediem,in shape of 10,000 years in the spn of civilization/
Divine numerology examine the phrenology/the debaucery unearthed relics in the form of pottery/
the 5 bonds, 5 relationship, filail piety/
rhymes elementally compose of hot asphalt herald mainteance/
in a vibe that comes off as pious, yet many find cantakerous/

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Answer by quamae meadows
Good rhyming but u need a different subject. Try life or just tell a story. It has to be good. But regardless ppl are gonna hate. I’m a rapper too so…. Yeah.

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Q&A: Thoughts on this essay?

Question by &.&: Thoughts on this essay?
I know ive asked this already! Just want more opinions that’s all 🙂 I realise it’s a long essay etc.. Just want to get an idea of what people think! Oh and I’m 14 btw! All answers and constructive criticism welcome! Thanks in advance to whoever has the time to read this!

The Most Interesting Place I Have Been

I have been to many fascinating places in my life, from Australia to America, Eastern Asia to Cuba, but by far the most dynamic and inspiring place that I have been fortunate to venture across has to be Hong Kong. It’s hard to put into words what makes this city bigger and better than any other in the world. I have never come across anywhere like it, or at least, that’s my opinion.

Firstly and foremost, it is a city which works. It is a city which seems to run like clock-work, boasting one of the best transport systems in the world. A crucial and efficient underground system on which people are extremely reliant and dependent on, runs throughout Hong Kong, while above ground, hundreds of thousands of taxis, buses and mini-buses ensure a quick and effortless journey to your destination. Though many westerners don’t appreciate the fast pace of living in Hong Kong, it is truly the most cosmopolitan and amazing city in the world. Cities like London or New York would give it a run for its money, but both lack the harmonious blend of cultures, the freedom of its economy and its historic past.

Since the handover from England to China, Hong Kong has grown from strength to strength, a true city of diversity. Many consider it as the “Gateway to South East Asia” and it’s clear why. People live in parallel worlds, from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor, but they all have one thing in common – a natural desire for success and ambition. This driving nature of the people has had a profound impact on the way of living in Hong Kong. People don’t begrudge success. Instead of trying to bring others down to their level, everyone strives to be the best through sheer hard-work and ambition – a real dog-eat-dog world. This attitude to life was evident in the recent 2008 Beijing Olympics, with China topping the medals tables, not through the most advanced technology and training, but through vigorous regimes to channel the best in China and train them to perfection through repetition and dedication. This approach in life has also resulted in Hong Kong being virtually crime free.

There are many things which make Hong Kong so unique. The ever popular Star Ferry, from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon is an integrated part of Hong Kong’s culture. World renowned martial artists turn actors, include Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee, while Victoria Peak glorifies Hong Kong’s panoramic skyline. With a brand new Disneyland only a short train’s distance away and another prominent theme park on Hong Kong Island, complete with dolphin shows, pandas, other exotic animals, along with the obvious variety of roller coasters, you are really spoilt for choice.

Shopping is among the best in the world, regardless of how much you have to spend. Numerous shopping centres litter the financial district of Hong Kong Island and many more dot Kowloon side, all of which make Dundrum Town Centre a rather feeble shopping centre in comparison to the grandeur and scale of those in Hong Kong. With the obvious high-end brands which one would expect to find, the average high street stores and various street markets, everyone is catered for. There’s nothing you couldn’t find, whether looking for a lavish shopping experience, or a true sample of Hong Kong’s culture and diversity in the several markets, where negotiating and bartering are all part of the unique and unforgettable experience.

If the hustle and bustle of the millions of people in a compact and confined space, where anything but skyscrapers are considered unusual, becomes too much for you, then take a harbour cruise to one of the abundance of nearby islands. A quick 20-minute hop across the sea finds an opposite world to that on the mainland. Most islands have trail walks, with spectacular views at sunset onto the South-East China Sea and across the sea, the Pacific Ocean. On the other side, the magnificent view of the mainland, from the peace and quiet of what seems like your own private island is breath-taking. Local restaurants dot these islands, where the freshest of seafood can be sampled. Anything from small local restaurants to the most extravagant and luxurious of meals of all cuisines can be found in Hong Kong – each practiced to perfection.

By day, Hong Kong is the pinnacle of a cosmopolitan city always on the go and this is also true for its nightlife. Though many suburban areas transform into places of peace and serenity, the hustle and bustle never leaves the many districts of the city. The vibrant and electric atmosphere pulses through a city which never seems to sleep.

For me, Hong Kong truly is and always will be a city of opportunities and inspirat
inspiration. I feel very privileged to have spent 8 very happy years of my life there and definitely intend to return one day. I knew however before I started that I would never be able to capture all of Hong Kong in this essay, only a glimpse or an essence of what it’s like, which is why I give you this advice. If ever you get the chance to go, grab it with both hands. It will fulfil your wildest expectations and you’ll never regret it. And one last thing, never take anything in life for granted.

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Answer by Vozzer
Thats really good! =]

you have told us about the running of HongKong and have compared it to other cities. it’s really decriptive as well.

Keep up the good work! =]

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