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my 100 things to do before i die?

Question by : my 100 things to do before i die?
1. Scuba license
2. Pilots license
3. Visit every continent
4. Three-some
5. Skydive
6. Bungee Jump
7. Base Jump after free climbing up a cliff side
8. Try out for American Idol
9. Learn to play the piano well
10. Get a six pack and maintain it
11. Surf and snowboard in the same day
12. Swim with sharks
13. Master a martial art (black belt)
14. Max 250
15. Handstand for 10 seconds in one spot
16. Handstand for 10 seconds in one spot while doing at least 2 push ups
17. Run a marathon
18. Do a triathlon
19. Learn another language fluently
20. Taste all the flavors of the rainbow
21. Travel to every state
22. Watch the sun rise, set, rise again, and set again from the same beach without sleeping
23. Go deep sea fishing
24. Catch a 200+ lb fish
25. Live in the wild for 3+ days with only a knife, flint, and rope.
26. Start on Hawaii and walk/swim from one end of the Hawaiian state to the other
27. Catch a wave on the North Shore
28. Set a world record
29. Own my own house
30. Walk on the Great Wall
31. Climb the Eifel Tower
32. Visit the Pyramids
33. See Big Ben
34. Go on an African Safari
35. Dig for WW2 items in Normandy
36. Eat sushi in Japan, Chou Main In China, Kangaroo in Australia, moose in Canada, éclair in France, Fish n’ chips in England, Bratwurst in Germany, Vegemite in New Zealand
37. Drink Vodka in Russia, Scotch in Ireland, Whiskey in Germany
38. Road trip down Route 66
39. Road trip down Route 101
40. Invent something and patent it
41. Go on a cruise
42. Go on a missionary trip
43. Climb Everest, K2 and Whitney
44. Ride in a blimp
45. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich
46. See a full lunar and solar eclipses
47. Ride the highest roller coaster in the US
48. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
49. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
50. Go to a pro football game
51. Go to a legit rock concert
52. Visit the Taj Ma Hal, Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, and Mecca
53. See the 21 wonders of the world (original, mechanical, Natural)
54. Give the shirt off my back to someone in need
55. Go to a major sporting event (i.e. super bowl, world series, etc)
56. Chop down a tree in the woods
57. Look into a volcano
58. Graduate high school
59. Get a Bachelors Degree
60. Ireland for St Patrick’s day
61. Meet a celebrity
62. Swim the English Channel
63. Kill an elk
64. Bow hunt (and be successful)
65. Become and expert marksman in the military
66. Run a sub 6 minute mile
67. Run a sub 12 minute 2 mile
68. Run a sub 35 minute 5 mile
69. Drive on the Autobahn
70. Get my motorcycle license
71. Win a legit street race
72. Hunt with only a knife/ machete/ sharp object and be successful
73. Publish a book
74. High five a monkey
75. On a random day, go to the airport and get on the next available flight
76. Go to both summer and winter Olympics
77. Spend a week in the woods with no modern technology
78. Go cave diving
79. Enter a food eating contest
80. Enter a photography contest
81. Enter in a demolition derby
82. Have a legit bonfire party
83. Go to a celebrity party
84. Drive an official race car
85. Back flip off a wall
86. Back flip 360 off a wall
87. Do a standing back flip
88. Do a flip on a bike into a foam pit/lake
89. Go in a wind tunnel

what do u think? suggestions for the last 11 spots?
gee epzan did you miss the military one? the missionary one? the give the shirt off my back one? STFU. you have to live to make others happy yes but lifes too short to make just others happy you have to live fro yourself as well. which is why me and 8 other friends are making lists and were going to help each other out on them. and thank you chealse (sorry if i spelled that wrong)

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Answer by epzan
You are such a useless person. You just want to do what satisfies your wants. Better do things that are significant since it is the purpose of life. You make life more complicated.

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1000 Things (Sorta long but plz read!!)?

Question by …: 1000 Things (Sorta long but plz read!!)?
OK, I have asked this question a MILLION times, but I’ve decided to just paste the list here so you can see what I’m looking for. And it didn’t paste the numbers for some reason, so there’s 731 things here. Just put down anything you think I would enjoy doing that I should add to my list. Please don’t list anything already here! Thanks y’all!

Audition for a movie
Write a book
Get my ears pierced three times
Create my own charity and donate the money towards breast cancer
Learn how to knit
Learn how to crochet
Take a tour of the White House
Read a classic novel
Learn how to ride a horse
Visit all 50 states
Go on a Disney cruise
Learn how to ice skate
Be in the audience on a TV show
Learn how to play the piano
Learn how to play the drums
Learn how to play the violin
Learn how to play the guitar
Learn how to play the flute
Learn how to play the cello
Learn how to play the recorder
Learn how to play the trumpet
Learn how to play the clarinet
Learn how to play the harp
Learn how to play the saxophone
Learn how to play the bassoon
Learn how to play the oboe
Learn how to play the piccolo
Learn how to play the French horn
Learn how to play the viola
Take singing lessons
Visit Mt. Rushmore
Visit Niagara Falls
Visit the Lincoln Memorial
Visit the Washington Monument
Attend the Winter Olympics
Attend the Summer Olympics
Attend the Super Bowl
Attend the Stanley Cup
Attend the World Series
Attend the Tour de France
Attend the Daytona 500
Learn how to speak Spanish
Learn how to speak French
Shop in Mall of America
Visit Empire State Building
Learn how to juggle
Watch a solar eclipse
Visit Las Vegas
Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit the Taj Mahal
Visit the Pyramids of Giza
Have my portrait painted
Ride in a blimp
Sleep under the stars
Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Visit the Great Wall of China
Visit the Yosemite National Park
Visit the Eiffel Tower
Buy a lottery ticket
Visit Disneyland in California
Visit Disney World in Florida
Visit Big Sur
Visit Chinatown in New York City
Visit New York City
Get a celebrity’s autograph
Go on a blind date
Attend a funeral
Attend a wedding
Learn how to rollerblade
Fly first class on a plane
Figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop
See the Northern Lights
Visit the Squished Penny Museum
Visit the Toilet Seat Art Museum
Visit the Ice Museum
Visit the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia
Visit the Band-Aid Museum
Visit the Museum of Bad Art
Visit the Plagiarism Museum
Visit the Virtual Toilet Paper Museum
Visit the Toilet Museum
Write a letter to the President
Enter a spelling bee
Visit the Golden Gate Bridge
Visit the Brooklyn Bridge
Go bungee-jumping
Go sky diving
Go hang gliding
Go skiing
Swim with dolphins
Learn how to ballroom dance
Be a model for a catalog
Star in a commercial
Be a contestant on a game show
Go on an archaeological dig
Be an extra in a movie
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Break a world record
Dye my hair a crazy color
Get highlights
Meet a celebrity in person
Write to a famous author
Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Ride an elephant
Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
Visit Buckingham Palace
Send a message in a bottle
Visit Navy Pier
Visit the Statue of Liberty
Participate in a marathon
Learn to surf
Ride a gondola in Venice
Give a random homeless person $ 100
Visit Big Ben
Go skinny dipping at midnight
Visit the Trevi Fountain in Italy
Take skiing lessons
Take snowboarding lessons
Visit Great Britain and call someone from a red telephone booth
Spend two weeks in Las Vegas with $ 5,000
Visit Busch Gardens Africa
Visit Busch Gardens Europe
Visit Cedar Point
Visit Hershey, Pennsylvania
Visit Knott’s Berry Farm
Visit Sea World
Visit Universal Studios Orlando
Spend Christmas in New York City
Visit Mexico
Kiss the stone on Blarney Castle
Visit Ireland
Climb a mountain
Watch a rocket launch
Go white water rafting
Visit the ruins of Pompeii
Invent something and get a patent on it
Visit the Holy Land
Visit Hong Kong
Hike the Swiss Alps
Take a self defense class
Live to see my child graduate
Video tape my will
Go backstage of a concert
Write a cartoon for a newspaper
Write a story for the newspaper
Get my picture in the newspaper
Appear on the front page of a newspaper
Ride a camel in the desert
Shower in a waterfall
Attend Oktoberfest
Catch a ball in the stands of a major league baseball game
See a musical on Broadway
Own something from Prada
Take an etiquette class
Set foot at least four continents
Go to the North Pole
Try out for a reality TV show
See the Love Parade in Berlin, Germany
See the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena
Go parasailing
Have an article of mine in a magazine
See a ballet
Go on a helicopter ride
See the Harlem Globetrotters
Churn my own butter
Milk a cow

Best answer:

Answer by Brittz
Not going to read all that.

Instead of being stupid just ask people what they’d want to do in life, like a bucket list.

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Q&A: When Traveling to China in May what are some important things to take to eat or clothing etc.?

Question by Beverly N: When Traveling to China in May what are some important things to take to eat or clothing etc.?
We are going on a tour which has 2 river cruises and land time. I am a little worried about the food, but mostly what would be approiate to wear. Will it be hot considering the humidity and all.

Best answer:

Answer by Junior Mint
I don’t know where you’re going, but I don’t think you need to worry about the food much….it’s great. As for the weather, it depends on where and when you’re going.

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