Question by latebloomer: When, where, and how would you spend a 3-month sabbatical with a 5-year old boy?
It will be for next year, 2007.

1. Renting a villa in Italy like in Enchanted April has always been enticing to me. Wonder what the costs are like.

2. One idea we have is to rent a house in Italy for a month or two and tour a few places in Europe by train in the meantime; then a week-long trip to Asia (minus mainland China) or Canada; then relax some at home. Although airfares may add up quite high.

3. Our boy (will be 5 yr old by the time) is very active and outdoory, wherever we stay, we need plenty of choices for physical activities (mud play is fine too :-).

4. Cruise ships and islands are out, we prefer solid grounds :-). Although a short trip to an island is fine.

5. All of us enjoy hiking, our little boy does well on that.

6. Whatever you suggestion, please recommend a season also. We can go anytime between January and August.

Thank you very much.

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Answer by cardplayerluvspeantbutter
go some where nice and do alot to ware him out like football thats always good:-D

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