Question by : Sneaking Liquor on a RCCL cruise in Asia?
We are taking a 13 day cruise in Asia, and are wondering about bringing our own alcohol on board. Royal Carib. does not allow you to bring your own liquor on board (even wine) so I’m looking for suggestions. We have saved for years to be able to afford this cruise, and have a budget of $ 200 per person to spend on the cruise (probably at the bar). But we would like to be able to have some pre drinks in our room.

My main question, does anyone know if RCCL in Asia will look differently on liquor than they do in North America? Here, if they catch you, you get sent to the special room to take the liquor out of your bag, and it is sometimes returned at the end of the cruise. That’s it. Now, I’m not wanting to end up in China Jail, so I thought I would ask. We are departing from Hong Kong, but aslo have stops in Japan, Shanghai, South Korea and Taiwan.

We have the rum runner flasks, but I’m not sure if we should use them. Is there another method anyone could suggest? I know there will be some people who say suck it up and just buy the $ 8 drinks, and I know that is the safest option, but I’m looking for suggestions on the departing from Hong Kong with liquor.


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Answer by پنجابی جٹ زاهد
I have been through the same situation as yours.I know it is very much annoying.
However what I did was topped up a couple of empty 1 liter TetraPak juice packs
with vodka & scotch and took them aboard without any fuss !

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