Question by Juana: Is Croatian Visa needed for Taiwan (Republic of China) passport traveller?
I am holding a Taiwan (Republic of China) passport, I will join a Carnival cruise to arrive Dubrovnik 7am and leave 7pm the same day; do I need a visa to enter to Croatia? If yes, since this is only a one-day visit, do you think Carnival can work as a “guarantor ” for me to have a sort of “land permission” temporary visa? Thanks a million for the quick answer.
Tks very much for the prompt answer.I even learned that Permanent Resident like me can apply this visa ON LINE (on the website you provided). But I am a ‘will-to-be’ Carnival Cruise traveler. The ship will arrive Dubrovnik, Croatia 7am and leave at 7pm the same day. For this short visit, do I still need a visa? 0r, cruise line can be a sort of ‘Guarantor’ for me to embark on “land permission” basis (give by Croatia Customs)??
Taiwan doesn’t have diplomatic ties with Croatia and papers have to be sent to Japan for process, this is the study I made so far. Unfortunately my travel agent couldn’t answer me whether the cruise line could work as a ‘guarantor’ for me to obtain a ‘landing permission’; and I haven’t heard from Carnival Cruise either on this issue. I am putting my question on “Cruise Travel” under YAHOO ANSWERS to solicit more answers.

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Answer by bla bla
Taiwan is not mentioned on the official site of the Croatian foreign office site where you can check if a Visa is required

According to a 3rd party site the visa is required

Therefore it is best if you check at the local embassy for the official confirmation but in my opinion I think you would most certainly need a visa and there would not be an alternative. Documents are carefully checked on the Croatian borders & aiports

There is no Croatian embassy in Taiwan but this means that your area will be under the cover of a embassy in a neighbouring country – here you can see all the possibilities and if you click on the country you can get the address & other contact details

EDIT – I can’t say for sure so it is best that you check directly either with the embassy or if you have made the booking for the cruise with a travel agents then they should be able to advise as well – this *could* be classed as a transit visa and therefore different requirements apply, but as it is still within Croatian territory again I doubt it. Either way it is best to check officially

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