Question by Mr Miyagi wants a kiss: Why do people think that China relies on the West so much?
It is a myth, People must have overlooked the fact that China mines 97% of all rare earth metals, these metals are used in nuclear weapons, cruise missiles, catalytic converters, laptops, wind turbines, engines and just about every new green tech there is among millions of other things. China has restricted exports to Europe and the USA, they have basically played a great game. China has in recent years diversified its investments and they are waiting for the USA to loosen its grip on the mideast and will move in like they have done with south Asia and Africa.
@ Scott – i guess you have not been following how China has diversified their economy – there is no need to get angry it is just the way they have played such a good game.

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Answer by Laughing Man
Because they have a huge IOU and if the west fails they are screwed.

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