Question by : American Pens & Pencils (probably made in China) to give to children we meet in our travels?
We are going on our first cruise. I have taught my daughter that when she traveled (To India, Costa Rica, and Equator) that she should always have something for children when she travels. Canada is not a poor country, but would it be a good idea to carry pens, pretty pencils or pencils with soccer balls, etc. for children we meet? Any suggestions?

BTW, A dear friend told me when I was 19 that when I travel, I am an ambassador of the US. For some people, I may be the only American that they meet. I realize that I am stopping at a popular stop for a cruise ship, however, this lesson still sticks with me.

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Answer by Halo
In India they want money….not pens and pencils, also you will see that most places have a satellite dish (TV) on their roofs so don’t be surprised if your not the first American person they have met, believe me there have been many before you. As with most cruise ship stops the people will have tried and tested ways to part you from your money just don’t be gullible and remember even though you are on vacation don’t drop your guard with respect to safety.
May i suggest you take something with your countries flag on it.
In India don’t be saddened by the young age of the beggars apparently it’s part of an organised group of children, and never have your shoes cleaned that is a scam as well.

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