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How will the Three Gorges Dam make money?

Question by .: How will the Three Gorges Dam make money?
I heard about the Three Gorges Dam in China being built on the Yangtze river, and people are saying that it will cost up to 100 billion dollard- but that it will pay for itself in the long run. How will this dam make that much money?

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Answer by Teddy Broosevelt
Hydroelectricity, I’m guessing. That’s what made the Hoover Dam such a great feat of engineering, for sure.

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how much money was compensated to the people relocated on the yangtze river?

Question by CaseyCliche: how much money was compensated to the people relocated on the yangtze river?
from the three gorges dam project, i know that the people were forced to be relocated and were given money compensation, but that it was low, how much was it approximately?
actually, money has already been compensated. This summer I went to locations along the Yangtze river and spoke with families who were affected by the Three Gorges Dam, and they were compensated, they would not tell me however how much they were given, only to add that it was very little.

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Answer by Sparrow
The Three Gorges Dam
One example is the dam failures of 1975 that devastated the Henan province and claimed over 200,000 lives but was only recently made known to the public. And while many still fear to offer public criticism against the government within China, it is notable that Dai Qing has been interviewed by numerous foreign press organizations including the BBC.
Li Boning head the Three Gorges Migration Office and plans to resettle and compensate the affected population into the local region. Initially it was hoped that a substantial amount of displaced people (between 1.1. & 1.9 million) would be transported to other provinces. This plan failed when receiving provinces refused to welcome them. Now they are relying on enough uncultivated land in the surrounding areas to provide for the farmers and the budget to afford them new housing and urban developments. Advocates of the dam say government investment and the creation of the Three Gorges Special Economic Zone will draw foreign investors and provide for those who have lost their livelihoods. Critics insist that the environmental capacity of the region is already overtaxed by excessive cultivation and deforestation. The government is accused of estimating too small a resettlement population and an inadequate budget to accommodate them. The loss of residential and industrial resources is far too great, critics say, for the government to compensate. They cite mass relocations undertaken in the past where migrants have resided in makeshift housing for years with insufficient employment and little compensation on account of bad planning and dishonest use of funds among other reasons.

Up to now no compensation has been fixed or funded.


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