Question by Sou: What was the epic or poem about Yangtze River and 2 lovers.?
i was told about a poem / epic about Yangtze River a few months ago telling the story of a couple, which fall apart , one is at the beginning side and other is at the ending side, they get together when they both drink from the Yangtze etc… any one knows the poem and remind me please 🙂 ( Also if possible Translation in Eng. )

xie xie from now on 🙂
From a Shanghainese girl.( she didnt write ) they werent in sky and in the end of the story they were drinking from the same water and coming together. This is a bit like summary of the poem. about Yangtze River

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Answer by Elena S
the only legend that comes to my mind is about the sky lovers split by the Sky great river…
and there wasn’t anything about drinking the water….
where did you have such legend mentioned?…

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