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Will the US launch a premptive strike on North Korea? What do you think about this article I found?

Question by Chris G: Will the US launch a premptive strike on North Korea? What do you think about this article I found?
* With American forces bogged down in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, will Obama move towards a preemptive first strike on North Korea? This could mean the employment of tactical nuclear war heads to destroy military objectives. This piece by Turner Radio Network is probably highly speculative. But who knows?

North Korea yesterday withdrew from the Armistice that halted the Korean War. Today, official Washington is abuzz with not so secret “Top Secret” plans for the United States to make a limited nuclear first strike to wipe out the North Korean threat in one fell swoop.

Russia has been alerted to “make plans” for radiation fallout in its eastern border area. In consultations with China, the U.S. Ambassador to Beijing was said to be stunned when he was told by the Chinese government “Kim Jung Il is out of control and dangerous. He has become a serious liability for China. Do what must be done, but please do it in a manner that minimizes risk to China.”

China was then briefed about US plans and asked to prepare its southern population areas for radiation fallout. It is expected that prevailing weather patterns will disperse fallout over the sea, causing it to thin out dramatically before moving over land.

Worst development since World War 2
Our source in the State Department explained today why this situation got so bad, so fast. “The Korean War legally never ended.” he said. “There is no peace treaty, there is only an Armistice, a formal cease-fire. When North Korea officially withdrew from the Armistice yesterday, it automatically brought us back into a hot war. “he continued.

Speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media, the high ranking state department source told Turner Radio Network (TRN):

“Of all the scenarios involving North Korea, withdrawing from the Armistice was the one thing we thought they never would do. Since the War, everyone has known that withdrawing from the Armistice means the cease-fire is over. Today, that cease fire is over; we are back at war with North Korea and this time, the outcome will not be negotiated. Withdrawing from the Armistice was the last mistake North Korea will ever make. Their leadership must surrender now or they are nothing more than dead men walking. It’s over for them” he finished.

Pentagon: Nuclear first strike “Likely”
Early in the evening on Tuesday, President Barack Obama gave permission for the US Military to airlift “Patriot Missile Air Defense” systems to South Korea and additional units to bolster 16 systems already in Japan. Those systems were airborne hours later and arrived in South Korea and Japan today.

The model of Patriot Missile systems sent is “PAC-3″ and they were accompanied by M-901 control stations and AN/MPQ-53 phased array radar. Sources with acute knowledge of the plans for North Korea have confirmed to TRN that a US nuclear first strike is going to be launched.

The first strike will be carried out through submarine-launched, BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles, model TLAM/A whose explosive payload can be “dialed” to be anywhere from 100 kilotons to one point five megatons nuclear yield per missile.

There will be no warning. North Korea will not be able to track the incoming cruise missiles via radar. The only way they will know the attack is taking place is when they see a blinding white flash as the temperature rises to ten thousand degrees and the wind gusts to 650 miles per hour.

North Korean troops along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) will be hit first to prevent them from invading south Korea. Multiple cruise missiles using Time of Arrival (TOA) control will detonate simultaneously along the DMZ, wiping out over one million North Korean troops in seconds.

Minutes later, after the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) confirms that the North Korean leadership has been told by their own command structure that their troops at the DMZ have all been killed, Kim Jung Il will be contacted and asked if he is willing to surrender. It is expected he will not.

At that point, a B-2 Stealth Bomber will be sent in to deliver the final blow. Pyongyang will be hit with a surface detonation of a massive nuclear bomb, wiping out the entire city and the entire government of North Korea.

As soon as that surface detonation takes place, several hundred additional cruise missiles carrying conventional payloads and launched from land, air and sea sites, will hit every North Korean military facility in the entire country, instantly crippling their entire command and control system. Carrier based Aircraft will then fly in to clean up whatever resistance remains.

It is expected the war will be over within one or two days. Korea will be reunited. It’s Capitol will be Seou
I had the same thought, bewildered… Maybe I shouldn’t spread it.
Turner Radio Network. It my have no validity, but it sure does sound informed, doesn’t it?

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Answer by Joseph the Second
No. We’re already up to Our Necks in two other Wars in the Middle East… Somebody ELSE is going to have to “step up to the plate”- to put N. Korea in its “Place”. My “bet” is on China- who is becoming increasingly Unhappy with N. Korea’s “Acting Out…” China has become a Major “Player” in the Business World… -And N. Korea’s “Saber Rattling” looks to be very BAD- for Business… ! 🙂

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Is it true that China has launch an attack on a US cruise ship: but the media refuse to inform Americans?

Question by American Noodle: Is it true that China has launch an attack on a US cruise ship: but the media refuse to inform Americans?
because the media and Wall Street ain’t Americans …………. they are just here to Milk Americans

Best answer:

Answer by Anti-Liberal
no, it isn’t.

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