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I’m having REALLY weird dreams?

Question by : I’m having REALLY weird dreams?
Okay, weird dreams don’t cause me stress in my waking hours, but I would like to have just one night of a dreamless sleep. (Yes, I prefer a dreamless sleep over any type of dream.) I had a dream that I woke up on a beach because a coconut landed on my face, and I was hungry. My clothes were raggedy so I was stranded on the Island. (assumed.) I saw floating pot stickers in the water so I rushed to the ocean and started eating them quickly. Suddenly, a cruise ship comes by and it turns out that they dumped pot stickers into the water by accident. They see me eating pot stickers and rescue me. I get saved and then I meet the mangaka Tite Kubo on the ship and he was wearing white (with sunglasses on his face) and he was glowing. He walks towards me and says “Time will come, you just WAIT!” I wake up and then I was like “…”

I don’t eat things before bed. The last thing I ate before that night was cashew nuts, which was about 5 hours before. (I sleep at 3 am). Before I sleep, I draw and listen to either classical music, Ancient China kung fu OSTs, or KPOP. (This case, I was listening to SNSD.) I am not stressed during the day, but I love my waking hours. When I go to bed, I loathe it because I will have another weird dream. (Yesterday, I had a dream about me being an Assassin from Assassin;s Creed II.) I wasn;t playing Ac2 that night, but I was just looking at Art on deviantART. (I’m rambling now, ughh.) Do you guys have any tips so I could soothe my brain? Thanks..

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Answer by Starving Penguin
Try Lucid Dreaming and see if you are capable of controlling your dreams!

Here’s the link:

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Is the a real possibility of the U.S. having a traditional non-nuclear war with a major military power?

Question by Notyme4BS: Is the a real possibility of the U.S. having a traditional non-nuclear war with a major military power?
Wouldn’t technology make it extremely difficult to even get military assets to a foreign power, or vice versa?

For example, can’t navy ships be sunk by cruise missles while they’re thousands of miles away. Can’t major powers see where our ships & planes are with satelite & vice versa. How would we land troops in Russia or China for an invasion?

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Answer by Futile
Non-nuclear doesn’t mean non-technological. We could have wars without nuclear energy or weapons, if the possibility ever arose. But if we didn’t have technology, how did the war begin in the first place?

And if we can’t go to them, how can they come to us?

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