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Is the media getting the Himalayan glacier story wrong?

Question by Dana1981: Is the media getting the Himalayan glacier story wrong?
The “big story” today is that the IPCC made an error in saying that Himalayan glaciers could be gone by 2035. However, a recent expedition found that this prediction might not be so far off after all.

“researchers discovered that levels of black carbon in the ice core of the Tibetan plateau had soared since the 1990s because of smokestack industries and coal fires in millions of homes.

The plateau’s 36,000 glaciers, which once extended for 18,000 square miles, could vanish before mid-century if present rates of warming persist. More than 80% of them are in retreat. The overall area has shrunk by 4.5% in the past 20 years.”

“The snow is thawing and the snowline has risen from 4,600 metres to 5,300 metres. The Jianggendiru glacier, which is the main water supply of the Yangtze, has been degenerating fast since 1970, and when the glaciers shrink there will be a water crisis in the Yellow and Yangtze rivers.”

“Qin Dahe, an eminent scientist and explorer, has been permitted to disclose alarming official assessments of the causes to Xinhua, the state news agency. “Owing to global warming, glaciers on the QinghaiTibet plateau are retreating extensively at a speed faster than in any other part of the world,” he said.”

So ironically, while the IPCC made an error here, it turns out their erroneous figure was actually pretty close to reality. Why isn’t that bit of information making the news stories?

Best answer:

Answer by Dr Feelgood
Read this with an open mind. Glaciers only bring in 3 to 4% of the drinking water. It’s the monsoons and snow melt each year that is the major source of the drinking water. Many glaciers there are actually growing or are stable according to these scientists in India. And no the IPCC is still way off base.

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Q&A: What are the chances of getting my Schengen Visa Application denied?

Question by Nelly U: What are the chances of getting my Schengen Visa Application denied?
Hi! I’m planning to go to Europe with my family early May of next year. My travel agent tells me that I can’t file an application until 3 months before my date of my departure for Europe, however Qatar Airways is offering a great discount on their flights to Vienna on my intended travel dates.

Is it wise to purchase the tickets? I am a Philippine Passport holder, but we have an existing US Visa (multiple entry, 10-year visa and been to the States a couple of times) and a Chinese Visa. We’ve also been to several countries in Asia (ie China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand) Also, I’ll be going on a Mediterranean Cruise, but I’ll be taking a side trip in Austria before the cruise and Paris after the cruise. Not to brag but I’m fairly well-off, even in Western standards, and I have the means to support my travels. I can provide all the necessary requirements but I’m still afraid that I’d be denied with my visa and that my airfare won’t be refunded since it’s on a promo fare. Also, is it possible that not everyone in my family does personal appearance for the visa application? My son passed the Bar Examinations and is now a lawyer and I’d like to surprise him with the European tour, and if he’d have to appear before the embassy then it would really blow up the surprise. I’m just telling that we’re just visiting to the States and not Europe.

So should I purchase the tickets? What are the chances of me getting denied on my visa application? Can I apply at the Spanish Consulate and not the Embassy? Can the consulate issue visa or should I go to the Embassy? Do we really need personal appearance?

Best answer:

Answer by GerdP
Your travel agent is right; you can’t apply for a Schengen visa earlier than three months to the proposed travel date. It is much easier to get a Schengen visa then a visa for the United States. The Schengen visa is issued based on the itinerary provided and it will only authorize the stay during the time you apply for it plus for 15 days. The visa officer only must assess the risk of illegal immigration for this trip whereas a US immigration officer must make an immigration risk assessment for the next ten years. You should not have problems to get the visa if you are able to show strong economical and social ties to the Philippines which compel you to return home after your visit. In general personal appearance is required for adult visa applicants since they must sign their applications in person before a Consular officer (required for certain countries); also the Visa Information System (VIS) is applied more and more which requires the fingerprints of all applicants from an age of 12 years to be taken. Spanish Embassies do not issue visa if a Consulate General is assigned. If Spain is your main destination (i.e. you spend most of your time in Spain) you need to apply for the visa at the Spanish Consulate General in Manila. ..
If your cruise itinerary reveals that most time of stay is spend in Italian ports you need to get the visa from the Consular Section of the Italian Embassy in Manila. ..
If France is your main destination it will be the Consular Section of the French Embassy to address your application to. ..
If no main destination can be determined since your stay is equally distributed between the countries it will be the first country you plan to visit where you will need to get the visa from. ..

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Q&A: I am getting married in August and we decided to do a night cruise leaving from Seattle.?

Question by : I am getting married in August and we decided to do a night cruise leaving from Seattle.?
Pretty much everything is included:
Platinum Package
Private Room on the Royal Argosy
Set-up and 4-hour event time
Lunch, brunch or dinner buffet (plated meal add $ 5 per person)
Cake-cutting service or dessert
Captain’s Ceremony
Day-of Event Wedding Coordinator
Choice of DJ or Jazz Trio
Soda, coffee and tea service
Champagne Toast
Unlimited Wine, Beer and Cocktails
Wait-staff and bartenders
Linens, china, silverware
All service charges and taxes

(100 or more guests) (Fewer than 100 guests)
Daytime $ 130pp $ 140pp
Evenings (Sun-Thurs) $ 145pp $ 155pp
Evenings (Fri/Sat) $ 155pp $ 165pp

Does this sound like the cake is included??? Also I know we still have to pay for our dress/tux,photographer, marriage license. What else do you think we would need to prepare for the wedding?
I’m going to ask the company tomorrow I just found this company after hours so wanted to ask on here first!

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Answer by life’s a journey
You will need appreciation of each other,
the ability to keep communication open,
respect for each other
and a wedding cake

Good luck and have fun.

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Getting China to attack Iran.?

Question by old_man_blanco: Getting China to attack Iran.?
Instead of the US risking military conflict with Iran, would it not be a good idea to dress up a couple dead Iraqi millitants in Iranian uniforms, place then just over the border with China, lob a few cruise missiles into the territory, and make it look like a failed Iranian attck on China had occured.

With a bit of luck China will retaliate by attacking Iran.

The Germans did a similar exercise during WW2, when the made it look as though Poland had tried to attack Germany, and promptly invaded them.

This is just a slight variation on that theme.

Best answer:

Answer by WindowLicker
china won’t attack iran… they have too much at stake oil-wise.

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