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Q&A: why was the Yangtze flooded?

Question by Marinita: why was the Yangtze flooded?
why was the yangtze river flooded in china because of the three gorges project? i’m not quite sure what the project was for and WHy the river was flooded

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Answer by sometimeswrong
power generation.

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Q&A: Yangtze River flooded and Lake Area?

Question by sel_bos: Yangtze River flooded and Lake Area?
2 Billion Chinese Mice Overrun Lake Area?

Now, an estimated 2 billion mice are ravaging crops in 22 counties around the lake, and authorities were rushing to construct walls and ditches to keep the rodents out. Residents have killed more than 2.3 million field mice – or 90 tons of the rodents, Xinhua said.

How can that be? China only has 1.3 Billion people.

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Answer by Beeswax
Right, because according the the laws of nature and physics, a country can only have as many mice as inhabitants and each person can only kill one mouse.

What on earth is your question?

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