Question by יונתן: Russia will do an exercse in the Artic for their new found land, Do you see problems?
Russian strategic bombers will take part in an Arctic exercise on Monday and Tuesday including tactical launches of cruise missiles, an air force spokesman said.

As most of you should know they have started doing cold war copy bombing patrols including going past there limits. I think there has been at least 4 times since the start of these new patrols where NATO or other forces have had to run intercepts. The latest was British planes had to check out 8 Russian Bombers outside of Norwegian waters. My question on this is what for, the elections or do we see future problems? I have always said Russia and China were close friends when it comes down to low oil sources. Another concern is if they wanted to gather intel or ever make a move they makes continued border passing runs and we get use to it and the more they do it, the higher risk of them gathering intel or other motives. What do you think?

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Answer by NEOBillyfree
were are the enviro nazis now?

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