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Question by historyman321: USA AT WAR WITH EUROPE? (PLEASE READ BELOW)?
I am doing research for a paper set in an alternate reality and would LOVE to hear the opinions of some AMERICANS, especially servicemen. The scenario is:

Without warning the USA launches a surprise nuclear attack against china and destroys it, the Chinese counter attack is ineffective. The world is shocked and outraged by this. The USA then sends its elite and rapid response units to the far east to contain what’s left of china. Within a few weeks of skirmishes China surrenders and humanitarian aid is allowed in. This attack is claimed to be in self defence though is used as an excuse to instigate martial law and set up a police state in the US, a shadowy new government has taken over. The rest of the world fears that the US will not stop at this. Russia claims that if the US launches another missile she will retaliate for her own defence and EU intelligence points that Europe is next.

Rather than wait to be attacked the EU puts together a secret plan to launch her own non-nuclear surprise attack aimed at the USA’s ability to wage long distance war and its militaristic leaders. The raid consists of submarine launched cruise missiles, and long range bombers and air-launched cruise missiles. Within 24 hours a 1/3 of the US air force is destroyed as well as the entire Atlantic fleet and the east coast command centres. Both the EU and US cannot use their nuclear arsenals due to the threat of a Russian counter attack.

After five/six months, the EU combine forces have withstood air raids against their colonies in the Caribbean, launched further air raids from these bases to the east coast and have driven the US navy from the Caribbean as well as US ground forces from the Bahamas (Protecting Florida) in very bloody battles. With air bases set up in the Bahamas the east coast and Florida are hit heavily, with the US losing air superiority. The EU is ready for an amphibious invasion of south Florida to build further air bases to reach the central USA and to destroy the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The EU hopes this be enough to bring the USA to the negotiating table.

NB: This scenario has been heavily researched and is held to be realistic (as far as stories go). The above is only a casual outline. (hope you enjoyed it)


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Answer by Feed the idiots
Well, it certainly is an alternate reality. Any flying monkeys?

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Where should we go Europe or Asia?

Question by : Where should we go Europe or Asia?
If Europe we would go to
germany, Austria, Prague, Switzerland and Amsterdam also doing a 12 night Scadanavia and russia cruise
If Asia

We will be going in may

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Answer by Daevid
I would say Europe…I’ve lived there before and I talked my mom into gettin out of the army and coming back to the U.S….after i left i realized how much i actually loved living there. If you love castles and the medivel theme, then i highly advise Europe. Also (if your from the U.S.) its a good chance to see where part of our culture branched from. Also i find russia an intresting place to visit… Though i would like to see china and the great wall, i gotta say i would like to pay europe one more visit….(i’ve been to germany, austria, switzerland and amsterdam before….beautiful places)

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Should I go to China or a tour around Europe?

Question by ….: Should I go to China or a tour around Europe?
Well, my Grandma is quite sick, she cant move in bed, and we were planning to see her this Summer in Shanghai. But tickets are double the price they were last year, and we dont have all the money in the world, and for just a little more, we could go for a cruise around Europe…

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Answer by Kae
I would always choose family. A cruise through Europe will never go away…but seeing your grandmother will. Plus, Shanghai in summer would be fun.

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