Question by B|iTz: Damaging the ecosystem?
How does damming pollute the yangtze river in China ? Or any other river ? Anyone knows ??
And how does damming kill the fish population in the rivers ?

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Answer by Now and Then Comes a Thought
Damming a flowing river alters the environment drastically. In the case of the Yangtze, the Chinese Paddlefish (Psephurus gladius) needs free flowing rivers with riffles free of fine sediments to spawn, and often migrate some distance to find a suitable place. Dams on the Mississippi River in North America have done great damage to the American Paddlefish (Polyodon spathula), the only living relative of the Chinese Paddlefish. They are also filter feeders, and the dam may affect the amount of zooplankton available for them.

Dams also change the water temperature and turbidity usually, and many fish are not tolerant of that sort of thing. Water levels fluctuate less, and in the Missouri-Mississippi drainages that has had a devastating effect on sturgeons.

When we make such major changes to habitat, the effects are huge to the life that depends on it. Changing a river into a lake isn’t quite as drastic as taking a fish out of water, but it’s closer than you think on many species.

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