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can you help me with my science assigment im confused ..10 easy points?

Question by Ble Bleh !!: can you help me with my science assigment im confused ..10 easy points?
ok so this are my instructions, i know its long but i just need you to tell me whats its asking me for , first i taught i knew but then it got me confused , its telling me to do six museum galleries and to choose one river but in the second step its asking me to do just one gallery super confused if you can tell me in words thati can understand it would be so helpful thank 🙂

For this assignment, pretend you have been hired by a new museum to create a display on how rivers are important to human civilization. The museum wants you to create six separate galleries, each one with pictures and information about a different way that humans rely on rivers, or how human civilization and exploration has been affected by rivers. They also want a gallery dedicated just to displaying interesting facts about a certain river.

1. Select ONE of the rivers below and design six museum galleries for it:
* Nile (Egypt)
* Mississippi (America)
* Amazon (South America)
* Columbia (America)
* Yangtze (China)
* Volga (Europe)
* Murray-Darling (Australia)
* a river of your choice, such as one that runs through your hometown—you can go take your own pictures of it
2. Make a slideshow presentation to present the pictures and text you want in each gallery:
* Have one slide for each gallery (a total of 6 slides):
o four that show how the river is used by humans;
o one that shows how the river has affected civilization, settlement, or exploration;
o and one that shows a collection of interesting facts about the river.
* Put the pictures in the main part of the slide.
* In the Notes section beneath each slide, write text to describe the human need you are addressing and how the river provides or fulfills that need. Be sure to give examples and describe each one so that museum visitors understand how the river affects human civilization. Do not just say, “People use rivers for food.” Give examples of foods we get from rivers, talk about how we get that food and how people use it, etc

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Answer by Luiz
You are right about the first question, it is one river to be described in 6 galleries. The second question actually asks you to make one slideshow (a powerpoint presentation), but this one slideshow portrays one different gallery in each slide. So in the end you have one slideshow with 6 ‘pages’/slides, each of those showing one different gallery.

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GEOGRAPHY QUESTIONS!? Easy TEN POINTS to best answer!!!?

Question by : GEOGRAPHY QUESTIONS!? Easy TEN POINTS to best answer!!!?
Southeastern China, Southern South Korea, Southern Japan, Northern Taiwan all have semi-arid climates. (Points : 1)

4. Which of the following are common hazards in Japan? (Points : 3)
Earthquakes and typhoons

5. Which of the following rivers has a unique form? (Points : 3)
The Huang He River
The Yangtze River
The Han River
The Naktong River
7. What type of flora can be found in a tropical wet climate zone? (Points : 3)
tall dense forests of broadleaf trees
coniferous forests, temperate grasslands, and agriculture
forests, alpine tundra, mosses, lichens, shrubs, permafrost
deciduous forests, coniferous trees

8. The southern tip of Taiwan, and a small strip of land along China’s southeastern coast containing tall dense forests are part of what climate zone? (Points : 3)
Tropical wet
Humid subtropical
Humid continental

9. Which of the following is the reason why natural hazards in East Asia cause such a large loss of life? (Points : 3)
*The poverty of East Asia makes the region more susceptible to natural hazards.
*The location of East Asia near multiple bodies of water makes the region more susceptible to natural hazards.
*The lack of democratic government in East Asia makes the region more susceptible to natural hazards.
*The refusal of industrialized nations to assist East Asia during times of disaster makes the region more susceptible to natural hazards.
11. Approximately how many new rice consumers will be added in Asia in the next 10 years? (Points : 3)
1 million
1 billion
There will be a decrease in rice consumption

12. Why is the price of rice important? (Points : 3)
Rice prices must be kept within reach of the poorest people.
Rice prices must make a large profit or no one will grow it.
Rice prices impact the cost of fruits and vegetables on neighboring farms.
Rice prices have no real importance other than to large corporations.

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Answer by Connor
The first one is false, the second one are all of them but wildfires.

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