Question by lakaria_2000: The system is perfect, the flaw is human. Discuss in a philosophical aspects.?
Every legal system, government system, ideal or religion can be perfect however the people who implementing it or in control is the one who is flaw. E.g. communism, it a perfect system if the one who is in control really work for the society however look what happen to Russia and China, a group of selfish people exploiting the pooor. Religion, if use for the better of society, can save millions of souls however if use for the worse like incitment of religious war could cause death of millions too. Too many religious leader involve in politic that they should not such as the Pope and the Buddhism leader in Taiwan. Whatever perfect ideals, religion, system will always be tinted as the human who use them is flaw themselves already.
This is show in the movie of Minority Report by Tom Cruise and in real life of how religion can be misuse, ideal can be misuse, law can be misuse etc.
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Answer by tkquestion
The system is perfect, the flaw is human.

This is a flawed statement in my opinion. The system exists in the human society and to serve/better human lives. If the system didn’t anticipate and incorporate human variables, how can it be called a perfect system?

A perfect system must be resilient enough to anticipate, incorporate, and recover from participants varying behaviors.

Are human the flaw? You have to go back to the definition of perfect. What is a perfect human? One with no flaw? Is that really a perfect human when human are the ones with emotions and variable reactions to the same stimuli?

By the way, where is the question in this?

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