Question by DutchGirlinOregon: Have you traveled through China? Can you advise? Trying to decide between two trips…?
We’re trying to decide between two trips, but know nothing about China.

Trip 1: 23-Day Tour of Beijing – Xian – Lhasa – Tsetang – Lhasa – Shangri-La – Lijiang – Kunming – Chongqing – Yangtze River – Wuhan – Shanghai

Trip 2: 19-Day Tour of Shanghai – Suzhou – Shanghai – Yichang – Yangtze River Cruise – Chongqing – Guilin – Yangshuo – Guilin – Xian – Lhasa – Beijing

We will most likely be going from december 3rd, until whenever the tour is done. The descriptions sound great for both, and the temperatures seem acceptable to us, from their estimates.

Can you give any advice as to why we should choose one trip over the other? Considering that it is in December, and we would like to see both museums/cities as well as small towns and regular life.

Thank you, I would greatly appreciate any advice!

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Answer by sellatieeat
I personally don’t know why you want to go to china. its really disgusting there. the people aren’t educated. They spit everywhere and are really rude.
But.. since you seem really excited you should probvably go to shanghai.. the people there are more educated than most of the other parts of china.

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