Question by Matt: How to cross Yangtze river, China near Nantong on a bicycle?
I wish to ride the G204 road from Qingdao to Shanghai.

The road/map/route appears easy until I reach Nantong. Many large bridges in China do not allow bicycle/pedestrian traffic. How do I cross the Yangtze in Nantong by biycle? Is there a ferry or bridge for bicycles and pedestrians?


Craftyla — thank you for that information. At first inspection, my map shows that bridge to be a highway (no bikes allowed). But upon looking closer and viewing the link you posted, I can see that you’re correct. Thanks again. I will weigh-up whether that (or the ferry) is the best option for me as the bridge is a diversion from the road I planned to take.

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Answer by Elena S
a ferry…

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