Question by American Noodle: Hey, Patriotic, Braved, Social conservatives: Y is Faux News owner living in China when China = Threat to US?
From Mike Mount

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Chinese military continues to increase spending on efforts to break into U.S. military computer systems, expand its Navy, and invest in intercontinental nuclear missiles and weapons to destroy satellites, according to the latest U.S report on China’s military power.


WASHINGTON—The Pentagon voiced alarm over China’s military buildup, saying it was expanding its advantage over Taiwan and investing heavily in ballistic and cruise missile capabilities that could one day pose a challenge to U.S. dominance in the western Pacific.

In its annual report to Congress on Chinese military capabilities, the Pentagon also cited China’s advances in electronic warfare. The U.S. government has been the target of cyber intrusions the report says appear to have originated in China and aimed to steal military secrets. “These intrusions focused on exfiltrating information, some of which could be of strategic or military utility,” the report said.

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OK – this is hilarious – where do you think the person should live, in the world according to you? Cleveland? Paris? Sao Paulo?

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