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Alaska, Victoria Cruise Cell Phone Use Questions?

Question by Spike: Alaska, Victoria Cruise Cell Phone Use Questions?
I already know that on a cruise, out at sea the prices are different for cell phone use.The cruise shop have their own price or the big cell companies like AT&T, Verizion and Sprint charge a different price. It mostly for emergency, I heard and a person on a forum said it will say SOS on the cell phone not the provider.

What about when people are on land or at port in Victora, would that be the same price as here in the U.S. or different just like being in Hong Kong, China, England, Germany and Italy(need to switch sim card).

How about when in Alaska at anywhere, when at port and on land would the price be the same with AT&T, Verizion and Sprint. It is the U.S., would it be like if one is in Vegas, L.A., New York, Washington D.C. or Florida and calling to a city in another state, on price?

How are the cell signal anywhere in Alaska?

I checked AT&T’s site(the provider we have) and on their map they have services on land in Alaska. But do they charge the same as if say someone calling from Vegas to California or from New York to Utah, weather it mobile to mobile or not. Well the charges be like those kinds of way.

So anyone know anyone know anything or any good websites with infos, that might not be just one’s view or guess and say best to call your cell provider.

My parents are going on the Alaska Victoria cruise for almost 10 days starting on Aug 6, and back home on Aug 15 mid to late afternoon. It be nice to keep in contact to make sure nothing happen to them like a bad road and got hurt well walking or there is whatever problem with the cruise ship and so on. Weather it been heard about on the news before(the last time there was any on local or network news on this) or it be for the first time and will be on the news.

Call me over reacting, crazy or whatever, but I do have a little anxiety disorder and been seeing a Psychiatric Social Worker since 04.

Best answer:

Answer by sj
I used my at&t iphone in every alaskan port on my cruise, signal was just fine. Billing is just like any other state, depends on your plan wheither or not you will have roaming fees. When you are onboard and the ship is out at sea you can use your phone, but with extra charges. There are also phones in the rooms that can be used with a phone card.

Usually cruise websites will have a FAQ that helps with these questions

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Q&A: What services can I use on my cell phone in different countries?

Question by Chelsea: What services can I use on my cell phone in different countries?
I live in the United States and my carrier is Sprint, although I’ll be on T-Mobile by the time I take this vacation. I am going on a 22 day cruise to:

Vancouver, Canada
South Korea

Can I text in some of these countries without an extra fee? And does Sprint or T-Mobile offer plans, or temporary plans where I can text or even make a few calls while in these countries?

All information is appreciated, thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by AJ
Yes, you can use it but any calling, texting, email, internet, you will be hit with huge rates and additional fees. Realize that once you are at sea. you’re not going to a signal.

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