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Why do nations build supercarriers?

Question by JN: Why do nations build supercarriers?
This question applies US, France, China, India, Britain, Russia, and every other country that has carriers and focuses on carrier battle groups. With the advent of long range missiles, a carrier carrying supples, ammunition, people, and planes can be sunk really easily. That would be a huge waste of time, manpower, and resources. If i was the guy in charge of the navy, i would focus more on smaller carriers(to minimize risk maybe, spread things out, though more costly, if a war happens, i would be less likely to lose it all in a single hit) and surface vessles like destroyers and smaller, and of course submarines, which can be difficult to detect AND launch cruise missiles. I understand the need for a base of operations for fighters, im just concerned about the risk in focusing on super carriers and carrier battle groups, with stealth and missiles and all(a frigate could steam close enuf to fire a missile, and if the CIWS fail to intercept it, its bye bye carrier).

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Answer by amore d
They want to spend all the tax payers money on war games.Fighting loosing battles and killing the innocent.

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Q&A: Has China already got more military equipment as it is 20 times cheaper to build a missile in China?

Question by Mr Miyagi wants a kiss: Has China already got more military equipment as it is 20 times cheaper to build a missile in China?
Many people point to China’s military budget when comparing it to other nations but military equipment is made much more cheaper in china. To build a cruise or nuclear missile in the USA they first have to ask the Chinese if they can use their rare earth materials (98% of all rare earth materials come from China). The Chinese can make everything from jet fighters to jeeps for a fraction of the cost of ther nations. If you account for how cheap they can produce military equipment how long before they are the number 1 military power? That is if they are not already.

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Answer by Satellite
No. China’s military hardware and logistics is dwarfed compared to the US. The near entirety of the Chinese forces is comprised of unarmoured infantry.

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