Question by RAM G: Zhenjiang port in China on Yangtze river is dry port or sea port ?. can any body confirm. another is?
Zhanjiang but i am looking info about zhenjiang the difference is about ‘a’ and ‘e’ in both ports . alphabet ‘e’ is mine ‘Zhenjiang’
It is sea port or inland port. i want to know if ship comes from other countries will it come directly to zhenjiang or will it unload its container somewhere else and then it will be transported in road transport to zhenjiang

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Answer by samhassnn
Zhenjiang is an important transportation hub owing to its location near the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal.
Zhenjiang,Jiangsu Province,boasts a total of 269.7km-long riverside bank lines, amongst which 87.2km-long deep-water bank lines are below minus 10 meters. So far the 25km-long deep-water bank lines have been developed in the whole city, only 29 percent of all. Thus the potential bank line advantages are urgently to be transferred into actual productivity.

The port is inland,and a deep channel port and can accomodate large cargo ships.See the map below.

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