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can anyone fill in these ANALOGIES?

Question by kmhgymnast95: can anyone fill in these ANALOGIES?
italy:Europe::Zaire: ____
Mississippi delta:gulf of mexico::nile delta:____
Native americans:north america::_____australia
nebraska:kansas:: ______ south america
mount mckinley:north america:: ____ austrialia
aswan high dam:____::hover dam:colorado river
yangtze river:asia::____north america
__________________:USA::prime minster:australia
lake superior:north america::lake victoria:_________
mexico:north america::thailand:_____

can anyone fill in the blanks?
so this ASAP. please and thank you! (:

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Answer by gimpy
Italy: Europe::Zaire: Africa
Native Americans: North America::Aborigines: Australia
Kilimonjaro Autralia
President USA Prime Minister australia
Kangaroo Joey

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anybody up for some cool soc. studies analogies???

Question by nicole: anybody up for some cool soc. studies analogies???
yangtze river:china::ganges:___________
yemen:saudi arabia::nepal:____________
turkey:black sea::iran:_______________
islambad:___________::seoul:south korea
euphrates river:_________::ural river:caspian sea
dead sea:isreal and jordan::mount everist:________&___________
japan:island::south korea:_________
bangladesh:bay of bengal:: kuwait:_________
indus river:pakistan::tirgris river:___________
cyprus:mediterranean sea::sri lanka:_____________

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Answer by Lucas S
No I will not do your homework for you 😛

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