Question by maybe: Should I give my baby up for adoption?
I’m 45 years old and I’m having one of those “change of life babies.” This year I was planning to take a cruise, take pottery classes, and visit the Great Wall of China. A baby will make my travel plans difficult. What should I do?
ETA: Indy, do you have a spare bedroom in your double-wide or will I have to sleep on the couch?
Also, I really like Cheetos, so you have to be willing to keep plenty on-hand. They’re better than vitamins and a lot cheaper.
Okay Indy, I think you’re the right AP for the job! I like Cheetos for a middle name too, but would you consider Adolph for a first name? (Wow, this pre-birth matching is awesome!)

Oh, and I require a steady stream of a hearty red, preferably from the burgundy region. I find it pairs well with the Extra Crispy variety of Cheetos and also works wonders for curbing morning sickness.
Uh-oh, the competition is getting fierce! Indy is losing ground.

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Answer by rrss3405
You’re kidding right? Hmm…a baby or trips…how in the world could someone decide. That is just too tough!!!

Seriously, if that is your thinking on a baby then yes you need to let someone else raise the baby and love it. You obviously don’t know how to.

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