Summer Vacation Tour: Yangtze PS. Li River

by jessica on June 19, 2014

Summer vacation is around the corner, so many people are planning to take their tour to have beach sunbath, or go surfing, or take drifting, or climb mountain, or enjoy biking etc. so, what is your plan? If you have no choice, I will suggest the River Cruise for you – yes, the Yangtze River and the Li River for your tour in China! And I am sure your summer this year will be so cool and memorable!

Yangtze River Yangtze River

Summer tour in China starts with the Yangtze River by taking the M.S Yangtze Series to enjoy the Fengdu Ghost city in your first day upon your arrival in Chongqing, and then you may want to know which attraction can be view in your second day, right? Yes, that are the famous three gorges respectively Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, duing which the Three Little Gorges is also a highlight in your second day Yangtze Tour; for the third day, that will be the Three Gorges Dam site and the Xiling Gorge (eastern section), then you will be disembark on the Yichang to take your flight to Guilin to continue the cool summer vacation with the following itineraries:

Yangshuo Yangshuo

For the amazing Guilin tour, the Li River Cruise is indispensable to appreciate the charm along your way Yangshuo and walk around the famous West Street to explore more about the Guilin beauty. There the Impression Sanjie Liu is highly recommend to you for its uniqueness character among all the shows in China. Besides, the Reed Flute Cave and the Elephant Trunk Hill are of course the top attractions in Guilin for your tour there! Just do not forget to take your tastes on the delicious Guilin snakes there including the Guilin Rice Noodle and the Guilin Sanhua Wine and all kinds of snacks in the Zhengyang pedestrian street in Guilin city center.

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