Spring Travel to Hunan in April – Part Two

by jessica on April 18, 2014

Just as what I have mentioned in the part one, our guide asked us to sleep earlier in the evening so as to get up earlier at 6:30 a.m. in the morning of our second day. Yes, that was the truth, we got up on time at 6:30 a.m. the next day morning, and it was not our alarm clocks to make us up, but the voice of our travel guide – he went to our hotel rooms to knock our doors one by one to call us to get up! It was annoying at some degree, but fortunately the sky was bright at that time as it was spring days then. So we got up to brush our teeth and wash our faces and did some simple preparation for this day and then went downstairs to have breakfast in our hotel. Here I just want your guys to guess what we had for breakfast then? You may not imagine, yes, steamed bun, eggs, noodles and porridge – it was simple breakfast but we were full up totally. After breakfast we started our trip to the first destination – Huanglong Cave!

It took just about ten minutes of bus trip arriving the Huanglong Cave from our hotel. Zhengjiajie is a quiet city with beautiful natural scenery, and along our way to Huanglong Cave, we enjoyed the captivating scene and fresh air so much due to the morning time. After we arrived at Huanglong Cave, we were totally attracted by the amazing surroundings and scenery outside the Huanglong Cave, it was just like a poetic countryside, I loved it so much – rape flower field, waterwheel, wood corridor, winding river, clean water, duck swimming in the river, birds singing etc. all of these scene are so charming that all of the travelers there took photos all the way before we arrived at the front door of the Huanglong Cave!

For the Huanglong Cave visiting, I will share with you in part three, just keep reading!

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