Spring Travel to Hunan in April – Part Three

by jessica on April 18, 2014

As I have said that we enjoyed the scenery outside the Huanglong Cave so much in the second day morning and took a lot of photos, and then we waited to enter the Huanglong Cave for more sightseeing in the front of the cave. After about ten minutes the local traveler guide of the Huanglong Cave led us to go into it to enjoy the charm of this largest karst cave in China, which contains the land road part and water road part. We firstly walked and climbed the stairs one by one – it was so tired as there are so many stairs there, but along our way to the upper side of the cave, we can appreciate a plenty of the stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, rock flowers, stone curtain, helictite, stone pearls, stone corals etc. they are so majestic and amazing with purple color and red color and yellow color and other colors.

There is one grand stalactite called “Key Stand”, which is the highlight of the Huanglong Cave with the total height of 19.2 meters. It is said that the stalactites grow at the speed of 1cm/100years, so it needs tens of thousands years to appear the charming stalactites scene for the travelers to visit there. We have taken about one hour to climb the stairs to visit the stalactites all our way, and the go down the stair in other way, along the way we saw several Korean traveler groups, which can see that the Huanglong Cave is a famous attraction that attracted so many travelers from home and abroad.

The final part of visiting the Huanglong Cave is to take a boat cruise in the water road to enjoy the special scenery of the cave in another way. It felt cool when taking the cruise and it was exciting experience to view the charm of the Huanglong Cave then. So fantastic!

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