Spring Travel to Hunan in April – Part One

by jessica on April 18, 2014

Spring season, rainy but warm days! If you still stay in your house just as what you did in winter days and have never go out somewhere to feeling the fantastic thing of this amazing season, it will be a great regret for you undoubtedly. And I will not be one of those people always stay at home as I am always think that spring is the best season of the whole year, I can see all passion and new things here and there when I am out of somewhere, and I will feel happy and enjoyable only just appreciating the green trees and blue sky and clear water, not to mention some other beautiful scenery. Here I will show you a great tour experience with you just happened at the beginning of this month –tour to Hunan!

Yes, I just spent 5 days to Hunan several days ago when there was a short holiday away from my work, and I really enjoyed my tour there not because the good weather, but the fantastic scenery and nice travelers in our group.

At the first day, I just took the high-speed train from Guilin to Changsha in the morning, and it just took 3 hours to get Changsha station, then I transferred to Zhangjiajie at 3 o’clock P.M. by bus, it is a long way to reach Zhangjiajie from Changsha as it took about 5 hours to arrive in Zhangjiajie, but the scenery along the trip to Zhangjiajie is so beautiful, I like it so much. After arriving at Zhangjiajie, it was night about 21:00 P.M. and I took a shower and then went to bed for a sleep as it was somehow tired after a long time bus trip and also because our travel guide told us to get up earlier in the morning of the next day at 6:30 a.m. to have breakfast and take bus to our first stop – Huanglong Cave!

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