Spring Travel to Hunan in April – Part Four

by jessica on April 19, 2014

We have visited the Huanglong Cave in the morning of the second day, and in the afternoon, we went to the Zhangjiajie Wuling National Park, which is an AAAAA attraction in China and also the shoot place for Avatar. In Zhangjiajie Wuling National Park, we took the cable car to the mountaintop, during which it was adventurous and exciting. The other travelers with me also screamed loudly inside the cable car! It took several minutes to reach the mountaintop from Tianzishan, the scenery is really astonishing! There was a little pity that it was fogy day when we went there so that we cannot see the scene clearly. After walking around the mountaintop there, we took the dragon ladder to the undermountain and then the itinerary there was already over.

The next day we went to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the morning, where we saw so many monkeys here and there playing with the visitors lovely and the trees there are perfectly straight and tall and green, and there is also a famous spot that is the shooting place of the Journey to the West. The waters in the stream there is so clean and clear too! We spent the whole morning walking around the park and then had lunch inside the park there, after that, we took our bus to Fenghuang ancient town from Zhangjiajie by 6 hours – a long journey. It was rainy when we arrived Fenghuang town, which gained special charm to this beautiful place especially at night when lamps flickering here and there on both sides of Tuojiang River.

At day 4 we walked around this ancient town to explore its charm under the rainy sky at the whole morning and then drove to Changsha before finishing our trip. It also took several ours arriving Changsha city and I spent my night there before our departure from Changsha to my final destination – Guilin by high-speed train at the earlier morning of the day 5. Travel ends!

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