Shanghai Tour Guide in Summer

by jessica on August 8, 2013

the Bund the Bund

Summer, though being a hot season in most area in Northern Hemisphere, will also be an ideal season for you to go travel around, especially to China. If you are to travel to China, Shanghai will undoubtedly be a great choice for your vacation. But how to plan your tour there and how can you make your Shanghai trip wonderful? Maybe you have no ideas, right? If so, just keep reading this article, as I am going to recommend you great Shanghai itinerary to leave you an enjoyable and unforgettable memories for your summer vacation this year. Are you ready? Go!

In order to have a cool tour to avoid the hot heat in this summer, water tour is a must-be thing included in your itinerary. Yes, you can guess it — the itinerary recommended here is Zhujiajiao Ancient Lakes and Canals itinerary for your 4-day Shanghai tour. How will it be? Just see the follows:

Yuyuan Garden Yuyuan Garden

Firstly comes to day1, that is right, you will arrive in Shanghai and have a good rest before visiting anywhere in the hotel you have booked before; then welcoming you is the full itinerary of the second day, when you will meet Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and the Bund to make you satisfied; in your third day, you will enjoy the water tour during your trip to Zhujiajiao Water Town, before the end of the itinerary that day, you will also feel free to visit the Xintiandi to learn more about the Shanghai culture and life; and you will finish your tour to Shanghai after departing Shanghai in your forth day. I’m sure when you are on your flight back home, you will fulfill satisfaction and feel it a great value and will also want to have a travel there next time to experience more in Shanghai. How wonderful it is!

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