Lashi Lake

by jessica on June 2, 2013

Lashi Lake Lashi Lake

Lashi Lake is located in the middle of the Lashi Bar 10 kilometers away from the west of the Lijiang and it is the first natural conservation area in Yunnan which named with “wet land”. Lashi Lake is a sea fault-structure lake, at the same time it was formed under the limestone Karst structure. Surface water into the lake can see the Qingshui River in the south and Meiquan River in the north. It covers a hydrological catchment area of 265.6 square kilometers with its water flowing out from the Karst caves in the northwest edge. Lashi Lake has been turned into a plateau lake which keeps a certain level from a seasonal lake, and the mirror-like lake reflects the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on its water surface, water birds safely inhabit here in winter or fly in the blue sky with white clouds, which leaves a plateau wetland peculiar smells a harmonious scene there.

Lashi Lake Lashi Lake

The wetland Lashi Lake has a total a total bird’s species of 57 and every year there are about 30,000 birds reaching here for winter, among which includes9 species of rare and endangered birds such as the bar-headed goose which is a kind of peculiar bird at Qinghai-Tibet plateau, national first level protected birds including Chinese merganser, black-necked crane, black stork etc..Lashi Lake features complete wetland system, which is rare seen in Yunnan province, therefore, it will have a good prospect of bird watching.

Lashi Lake Lashi Lake

Lashi Lake is a famous attraction with green mountains and clear water, especially those of the Meiquan River. It has been identified as an important international wetland. The best time to have a travel to Lashi Lake is winter after December, as it is the ideal time to watch the birds there. Every day early in the morning and in the evening is the time with most birds; the lake scenery is the most beautiful during that time.

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