How to Experience the Silk Road and Yangtze River in China?

by jessica on October 9, 2013

Mogao Grottoes Mogao Grottoes

Silk Road has been a more and more popular place for the foreigners because of its long history and mystery year after year. There are a plenty of visitors taking an adventurous tour to explore more there. If you are challenging enough, you may like this exciting trip also, I guess. Besides the Silk Road, Yangtze River is also a famous wonder in China and even in the world that has attracted a large number of the tourists from home and abroad traveling there to enjoy the beautiful charm of the three gorges. So, here comes the question that most of the tourists caring about: how to experience the Silk Road and the Yangtze River at the same time during your trip in China? Do not worry about it; here we are going to talk about it!

Yangtze River Yangtze River

Ninth days visiting the Silk Road and the Yangtze River will be a great choice for you:

Your China tour will firstly begin with the Beijing tour with the itinerary of arrival upon Beijing in first day, visiting the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and Temple of Heaven in second day and then Summer Palace and transferring to Urumqi in third day to visit the Nanshan Pasture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum in fourth day and taking your drive to Turpan to view the Jiaohe Ancient City and Karez Well at 5th day and then Gaochang Ancient City, Astana-Karakhoja Ancient Tombs, Grape Valley and Flaming Mountain and Bezeklik Caves will be your sixth day itinerary; next you will change to Dunhuang in your seventh day to visit the Mogao Grottoes and the Crescent Spring and Sighing Sand Dune at day 8; at last, you will take your departure from Dunhuang in your ninth day to finish your wonderful silk road tour in China. You will have great fun in China!

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