How to Choose the Ship for Yangtze River Cruise?

by jessica on January 19, 2014

Yangtze River Yangtze River

Yangtze River, being one of the famous attractions not only at home but also abroad, has attracted numerous travelers going there to experience the charm there every year. You will find a plenty of tourists taking their tour there when in summer days. The reason that so many travelers taking the Yangtze River Cruise is of course you can view the charm of the famous three gorges including the Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge along their cruise and they can even know about the history and the wonders of China on their way. If you are one of those travelers planning your tour to enjoy the Yangtze River, you will find this article a great help for you as we are going to discuss about how to choose the ship for Yangtze River cruise.

Yangtze River Ship Yangtze River Ship

For the suitable and popular ship for Yangtze River, here I will strongly recommend the President Prime to you among huge selections with the following reasons: it is the newest deluxe Yangtze River cruise ship launched in April 2011 offering you the modern comfort with the newest and complete facilities including the private balcony and bathroom and featuring the biggest passenger capacity with the classical, deluxe European style design and the most spacious public area on board. It is an excellent ship among the foreigners and favorable for most of the travelers there.

Besides the President Prime, there are still a wide range selection of the Yangtze River cruise ships there for you to choose from, such as the Victoria Jenna, Victoria Anna, Century Star, Yangtze One, Victoria Selina(Victoria Star), Victoria Lianna(Victoria Queen), Victoria Katarina, Century Sky, M.S. Victoria 2, M.S. Victoria 3, M.S. Victoria 5, Sunshine China, Blue Whale etc. You can choose the suitable cruise ship according to your tour style and your money need.

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