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by vikash on April 18, 2013

Yayuan Garden

Yayuan is very popular as well as classic garden which is located in Aren Jie area of Shanghai. This garden was completed in the year 1577 by a government officer in the Ming Dynasty. Yu means satisfying and pleasing in china and this garden was made for enjoying the tranquil and happy time. In nearly four hundred year of the existence of Yujuan Garden, it has undergone many types of changes. During the war of opium in 19th century, it was damaged and after that it was restored in the year 1956 and was opened for public in the year 1961.

This garden is extended in area about twenty thousand square meter or about five acres. It has many unique characteristics like rockeries, halls, pavilions, ponds and clusters. You can enjoy main six scenic areas wanhua Chamber, Sansui Hall, Huijing Hall, Inner garden, Dianchun hall, and Yahua Hall. Each of these areas is filled with various scenic spots within their borders.

Yuyan Garden Yuyan Garden

Yi Garden

Ancient Yi garden is located in the Nanxiang which is nearby the Jiading District of Shanghai. It is located at a distance of about 20 kilometers from the centre of the city. It was built by the Emperor, Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty.

This garden is a wonderful garden among five other classical gardens of Shanghai. Other four gardens are Drunk Pool Garden, Yuyan Garden, Autumn Sightseeing Garden or Qiupu Garden and Zigzag Water Garden. It is divided into four scenic areas which are Yi garden, Flower Fragrance Park, Moonlit Bamboo Park and Crane in Stream pond. Green Bamboos, Ming Style architectures, Tranquil, path with Motifs, and Poem Streams and Couplet Scrolls are its some of the features.
Yi Garden
“Yi” name is derived from the beautiful view of the bamboo. It has been inspired by the poems in books of songs as well as the Odes to Qin which is a kind of musical instrument. Yi also reflects the artistic conception of the green bamboos. The traditional features of this garden are bamboos. In Yi garden Annals, it is recorded that the most beautiful scenery of the garden is the mountain which is covered with the bamboos. Green, graceful and elegant bamboos are present everywhere in the landscape.


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