Extend Your Shanghai Tour to Suzhou in August

by jessica on August 12, 2013

Shanghai Shanghai

Have you imagined how will it be wonderful when you can visit Suzhou during your Shanghai tour? Yes, it undoubtedly will be! But the question is, how can you arrange your Shanghai tour along with the Suzhou trip? Maybe you have no idea, but for me, I do know, as I just have an amazing tour extended to Suzhou during my Shanghai trip—it is so memorable! Here I am going to share with you. Here we go!

Master of Nets Master of Nets

This is a five-day Shanghai tour, among which you will not only have the chance to visit the prosperous scene of Shanghai, but also the captivate scenery there, and even traveling to Tongli ancient town and Suzhou city to discover more charming scenery. So, just start our journey here:

In the first day, after you arrive in Shanghai, you can go around the city center to relax yourself and catch the general view of the metropolis Shanghai; for the next day, you will see the Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, The Shanghai World Financial Center, The Bund and maybe the Jiangnan Silk Shop and Workshop if you are interested; in your third day, you are suggested going to Tongli from Shanghai where you get the chance to visit the Tongli ancient town, Tuisi Yuan, Museum of Ancient Chinese Sexual Culture and Tongli Nanyuan Tea House; day four you will continue your tour to Suzhou from Tongli and your Suzhou itinerary will include The Garden of the Master of Nets, Panmen Gate and Rickshaw ride for the whole day; then comes to the final day when you will depart Suzhou to Shanghai and take your flight back home from Shanghai.

This itinerary is very suitable for summer vacation as the summer time is the best time to take a visit there, just start to pack your luggage right now!

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