Baoshan Stone Village

by jessica on June 12, 2013

Baoshan Stone Village Baoshan Stone Village

Located in the Jinsha River Valley 110 kilometers north of the Lijiang Ancient Town, the Baoshan Stone Village got its name because of hundred households living in an independent mushroom stone. Lijiang Naxi people created rocks and built house with their smart mind, and the home pillars and room along stones were made randomly, featuring natural style and absolute infinite uniqueness. Traveling there, you will find three sides of the Baoshan Stone Village are steep precipices and cliffs and the rest one stoneledge is directly rushing into the Jinsha River. It is a real city of the crash which will leave you a wonderful, exciting and unforgettable trip to Lijiang.

Baoshan Stone Village Baoshan Stone Village

Beginning from the black white river in the foothill of Spruce Meadow, and driving north along the sky way about 100 kilometers, then you will reach the location of the Baoshan township government. Get off there and have a rest, then you have to walk along the mountain path with about three hours, then the Baoshan Stone Town appear in front of your eyes. The grand and majestic Baoshan Stone Town shows the courage and insight of the Naxi ancestors to the common people and it is the masterpiece of the naxi giant stone carving art. Travelers visiting here will be filled with a thousand regrets and full of wit and humor, which acclaim as the peak of perfection about this natural stone village. It is an astonishing attraction fully shows the ancient lijiang naxi people’s intelligence.

Looking the Baoshan Stone Village from the mountain ridge on the road side, you will find it completely is a huge stone standing in steep slopes of the Jnsha River Valley, looking around, with its east is mighty Jinsha River, north is powerful and dangerous Taizi Pass, west is great Yak ridge and south is rock over the cliff.

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